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Jan 16, 2008 04:01 PM

Vietnamese weasel coffee in LA?

If I had any idea how good this coffee was going to be, I would have brought it back to the states by the bucketful. Does anyone know if it's sold anywhere in LA? It's the coffee bean that is unceremoniously eaten, digested then pooped out by a civit cat. Gross, but it makes one hell of a cup of coffee.

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  1. wait WHAT!?

    As a vietnamese person, I have never EVER heard of such a thing.

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    1. re: ns1

      I've been to Vietnam many times and have had hundreds of cups of coffee there. Never heard of this. I've heard of something similar, but I think it was from Indonesia.

      While people love to drink coffee in Vietnam, most people aren't that picky about the quality of the beans.

      1. re: bsquared2

        I stand corrected. I had originally asked my wife (who is from Vietnam) about it and she thought I was crazy because she thought I said it was from a "cat". When I brought it up again later, she realized I was talking about "squirrel coffee". Yes there is such a thing. It is more expensive in Vietnam, but not too crazy. I brought some back for people.

        At Highland coffee, which is the "Starbucks" of Vietnam, I also had Culi Coffee which was a bit sour. I thought it was pretty good.

        I have no idea where to find this coffee in LA. In most VN restaurants I see them serving Cafe du Monde.

      2. re: ns1

        Heres the poop. Wikipedia explains that Kopi Luwak (or Civet coffee) comes from the Asian Palm Civet. It is coffee that has passed through the digestive tract of the animal. This coffee was featured in the movie “Bucket List.”

        In Vietnam a simular coffee is called “weasel coffee,” which is made from coffee berries which have been regurgitated by local weasels. In actuality the "weasel" is just the local version of the Asian Palm Civet.” Therefore it appears that "weasel coffee" has not been digested then pooped out, but for some reason the local cat in Vietnam regurgitates it. I wonder if there is a different flavor with the vomit version versus the real shit. I wonder which version the OP, pupster911 (pupster?) really had.

        Coffee w/ photo of fresh re-made coffee beans.

        The animal with that special touch.

        With all these names, including squirrel coffee," as mentioned by bsqared2, it may be easier to locate.

        1. re: JeetJet

          sounds like a great cup of coffee to go with a shit sandwich.

          ah, scatological humor will never get old.

          but seriously i'd rather not pay for a 65 dollar cup of that has been shitted out.

          i wonder if the animal has diaarrhea does that make it even more delicious and rarer.

          1. re: kevin

            kevin, you made me take a closer look at the wiki photo and IMO this shit actually looks like diaarrhea. I agree with you and when I am willing to pay more for coffee I will stick with Blue Mountain.


      3. Well, now you've got me searching on the web. This place turned up as the main wholesaler of the stuff. They're in L.A., but it sounds like pretty rare and expensive stuff (that often turns out to be bogus). So call and see if they have any.

          1. Funnel Mill in Santa Monica serves up a cup for $60.

            1. OK, it may be wandering in the direction of a cross-post, but has anyone on the boards actually compared, . . . well, let's call it "poop coffee", with coffee produced more, ....ahem. . . "conventionally" from the same beans?