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Jan 16, 2008 03:51 PM

Peugeot Pepper Mill question

My peugeot pepper mill hasn't been working well for a while and I finally looked at the bottom and it looks like it is rusted out. Is this normal? I use it regularly, keep it on the counter near the stove. I've never washed it, but it's feasible that it may have gotten a little wet at some point, who knows. But aren't they supposed to be the best? Did I do something wrong?

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  1. The grinder is steel and should not be exposed to moisture. The guarantee is good for 2 years from date of purchase. I've had both of mine for 20+ years with no problems. You might try contacting them at

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    1. re: Candy

      Try grinding some barley; this may clean or polish the burr.

    2. Peugeot uses a carbon steel grinding mechanism so it will rust if you get it wet or grind salt.

      1. You can try to send it back to the company. The have a lifetime guarantee. I sent mine back because it was not grinding pepper as well as it used to. They fix or will replace them.

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          Excellent lead. I think I'll do that. Besides the rusting, mine hasn't been grinding very well for a while, either. Overall I'm quite unimpressed with it. :-(

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            Oh, I'm sorry to read that you don't like your mill. I've had mine for 27 years and the only complaint I have is that it is sometimes difficult to adjust the screw to change the size of the grind. I haven't had a rust problem, though.

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              If you're unhappy with yours I can highly recommned Olde Thompson--works like a charm and you get lots of pepper per grind!

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                I would suggest one of the Unicorns like a Magnum or Magnum Plus from Tom David, Inc.


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                  Still love my Magnum Plus after a year, really cranks out the pepper, but sometimes the cover over the fill hole rotates open and if I don't notice that it's open I'll spill some pepper corns.

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                    make that ....after a couple of years!

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                  vvv03, did you ever send your mill in for repair? How did it work out? I'm thinking of doing the same but haven't found an address to send it to.

              2. My guess would be that steam rising when you have ground pepper into pots on or recently off the stove would be the source of the moisture leading to rust...?

                For over the stove applications, you could grind into a small dish rather than directly over the pot. I find that I've been using Trader Joe's glass container pepper and sea salt grinders when I'm in a hurry. I don't think the grind is adjustable, so it works when I need a coarse grind. While I think these containers are meant to be disposable, I've been refilling and re-using without noticing any corrosion from steam so far.

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                1. re: souvenir

                  Hi. Sorry for posting on an old thread but I'm thinking about buying a Peugeot Pepper Mill and was wondering if the rust is a common problem on certain types of pepper mills? I thinking of getting this one: which is quiet expensive and I'm worried that what happened to the OP might happen to me.

                  1. re: amascid

                    I've purchased several pepper grinders throughout the years trying to find that perfect one that (1) easily grinds LOTS of pepper and (2) looks good. I finally relented and spent the (relatively) big bucks on a Peugeot for myself and have been very pleased ever since. No rusting , consistent grinding mechanism, and looks nice sitting out. I think they're worth the money. Another excellent grinder is the Magnum peppermill if you don't mind its looks; mine sits out on the counter getting very heavy everyday use and I wanted something nice-looking.

                    1. re: amascid

                      I have used mine for 3 or 4 years now. It sits near the stove and I grind into steaming pots on occasion. I have never experienced any issues with rusting. In addition I love the multiple grind options.

                      1. re: snowwish

                        Yes, I grind into steaming pots all the time as well and there's no rust. My grinder's probably 7 years old.

                      2. re: amascid

                        I have a Peugeot that's close to 30 years old and still grinds as well as the day I bought it. Like koigirl, I went through several cheap ones that didn't last before I decided to get serious and spring for the Peugeot.

                        In fact I later bought a second one (it's still fairly new, not quite 20 years old) that I use just for white pepper.

                    2. I have had a Peugeot for many years but about 3 years ago I acquired a Magnum peppermill by Unicorn...large black plastic...fills in the side and it is GREAT. I use it daily and it produces a lot of nicely ground pepper and holds a lot of peppercorns. It's also very easy to clean. I also have the smaller version in a set with a salt mill...very pleased with all 3 items. Would really recommend these peppermills.

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                        I totally agree about the Magnum peppermills. I've used a lot, and the Magnums really excel at day to day usage. They aren't as pretty or romantic as many others, but the output and peppercorn storage will amaze you.

                        I will never use any other mill. I'm currently staying with my brother and using his wooden mill, and YIKES! I have to grind and grind and grind all day to get any pepper...! My Magnum takes just one or two grinds...!
                        The only weak point of the Magnum is that it does not excel at a fine, fine grind (many peppermills don't).