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Jan 16, 2008 03:42 PM

What sounds better for dinner?

I'm having a dinner party for five people tomorrow night. They are friends of my husband and I have never cooked for them before. I would like to know which dinner menu out of the two below you think sounds the best.

#1 Pasta Marguerite: Roma tomato sauce with fresh basil, mozzarella and parmesan
Mixed Salad with pine nuts, chevre, yellow and red cherry tomatoes and homemade
Bakery Bread
Red Wine
Vanilla ice-cream with sabayon sauce and berries

#2 Homemade Chicken Pot Pies with a pastry crust
(chicken, carrots, celery, peas corn, onions...)
Mixed green salad
Chocolate Layer Cake

Also, if you would choose the pot pie, what else would you serve with it besides a salad?

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  1. if i were coming over to dinner, i would choose dinner #1. but i think some would be wondering, 'where's the meat?' chicken pot pies seem more like a crowd-pleaser, and would be great with some garlic mashed potatoes...

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    1. re: soypower

      soypower, you took the thought right out of my head!

      Another vote for the CPP, with garlic mashed potatoes. And some vanilla ice cream on the side of the chocolate cake. And white wine, since I don't drink beer. Yum.

    2. I'd choose the pot pies too and I don't think you need anything with it other than the salads. The pot pies will have vegies and the crust will be filling and rich. So salad. And some bread. And your cake. Sounds great.

      1. pot pies minus the beer

        1. I vote for the pot pie menu as well.

          It is a dish that many people will not make for themselves and incredible comfort food. I don't generally serve it with anything besides a salad, but those garlic mashed sound good.

          I would probably have beer and white wine for bevs.

          1. I'd choose #1 (being a vegetarian, I guess I went into the vote a bit biased against the chicken pot pie). But, I would choose the chocolate layer cake over ice cream - especially if it's homemade. It has a bigger "wow" factor since most people don't bake stuff like that for themselves.

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            1. re: punkin712

              I'd go with the pot pie. Tomatoes just aren't very good in January. If I were to do the pasta and salad, I'd make a roasted tomato sauce or something not using fresh tomatoes.

              1. re: zataar

                I'm with zataar. Unless you have a source for great tomatoes this time of year, I'd go for the pot pie.