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Jan 16, 2008 03:40 PM

Wagyu Beef

Does anyone know where one can purchase wagyu beef in the LA area to cook at home ?

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  1. You can get American Kobe, which is Japanese Wagyu bred with American black angus, through Snake River Farms at Vicente foods. Or for more variety of cuts, go to SRF's website and order. It is delicious, and their Kurobuta pork is fantastic too.

    1. As a side note at Costco they had a 3 pound frozen pre-cooked Wagyu roast for $99.

      I've seen Wagyu beef at Whole Foods Market in Pasadena.

      1. I saw it at the Mitsuwa in Torrance. We were there this weekend putting around after our bowl goodness at Santoka.

        Those cuts had a S-S-S-SCARY amount of marbling!

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        1. re: mpken

          Yes; Mitsuwa has it but only sliced thin. I believe it was $60 per pound.

          Our anniversary this year came when my daughter was 9 days old. Obviously we could not go out, so I bought toro and wagyu from Mitsuwa and we had a Japanese feast at home.

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            Mitsuwa has it sliced for sukiyaki and as steaks (~1/2" thick). I guess at 1/2", it would marginally qualify as a steak for me too. It was an arm and a leg.

        2. JAPANESE WAGYU can be purchased at LA FISH at 4th and Stanford, downtown.
          $65- to 85- per lb. Comes frozen in One LB packages that weigh 16-25 Oz's.
          I wouldn't waste the $$ or time with the Snake River Farms stuff which I don't think is as good as CAB (certified Angus beef ) or S/S (Sterling Silver) which is a third of the price.

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          1. re: russkar

            I wouldn't waste the money on frozen meat

            1. re: budlit

              Then it's unlikely you will ever eat true Kobe beef in this country, as it's not normally allowed to be imported fresh, in retaliation for Japanese rules on US beef.

            2. re: russkar

              Sounds like a pretty good deal! What cuts of Wagyu do they sell down there for your $$$?

              1. re: russkar

                Sterling Silver is definitely not better than Snake River Farms

                1. re: budlit

                  Completely disagree that it's better than S/S and we've had Snake River several times at restaurants and friends. Typically the American Knock-off Wagyu is tough and chewy compared to the real thing from Japan even the low end of 5A.

                  1. re: budlit

                    from the standpoint of relative value, i'd have to agree with russkar on this. it's much more in line with those of us who purvey at wholesale. for a chef and restaurant owner, we just don't get the edible yield from snake river for waygu-type beef. don't get me wrong. SRF puts out a quality product and they're great folks to boot, but MISHIMA & BROADLEAF is taking pretty good market share from them at wholesale which is why SRF is so widely available at retail now. from a retail standpoint, i can understand your POV.

                    as a business owner shooting for the best value for quality it's SS or MISHIMA, but unless SRF reconfigures, it's hard to justify the value proposition to your patrons.

                    and if you don't think your SRF from VINCENTE FOODS has never been frozen, think again.

                    here's another helpful discussion on CH:


                2. Vicente Foods in Brentwood has the real deal.