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Breakfast in NOLA

I'm an NYC foodie who goes both high and low. I'm making my maiden voyage to New Orleans this weekend and feel comfortable with my dinner and lunch options, but my companion and I could use some breakfast/brunch help. Haute is fine; authentic and substantial would be better. Anyone?

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  1. i like The Old Coffee Pot. its in the Quarter on ST. Peter next to Pat O's. try the Calas cakes i love them its a small place and you may have to wait but i think its worth it. sit out side if you can.

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      The Coffee Pot (nee Maxie's Coffee Pot), is my "go-to" breakfast location in the Quarter. If you mention "Maxie's," to the staff, you might even get some extras on your order - provided that that staff-member has been around for a while. Their "lost bread," is not to be missed. Just do not do it, before your physical, or dine on nothing but oat-bran for the week before that physical. Otherwise, you Dr. will put you on some sort of medication. Still, NOLA is a city, where people live to eat, not otherwise.


      Coffee Pot Restaurant
      714 Saint Peter St, New Orleans, LA 70116

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        Bill whats the story behind "Maxie's". man i love that place. i will be eating breakfast there on Lundi Gras. i cant wait.

    2. I like the Coffee Pot too, but can recommend two others: Elizabeth's, a funky neighborhood gathering place at the edge of the Bywater area (praline bacon: yum!) and the Bluebird on Prytania, which offers some southwest-style breakfast options as well as more mainstream ones.

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        I second the Bluebird. I love the omelets and the buckwheat pancakes.

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          I am not a big Elizabeth's fan (praline bacon is just candy coated bacon!), but I love the Bluebird. Slim Goodies is another decent choice.

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          Ah, the Bluebird. We used to end up there at 4:00AM and dine with our buddies, who seemed to gravitate to that spot, after a night of dining and wine. Glad to hear that it still gets recs. While we were all "Winos," some of the clients were "winos." Great place and people-watching at 4:00AM is wonderful.


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            i believe that you are thinking of the hummingbird grill which used to be on st charles near julia street because the bluebird isnt open all night. and unfortunately, the hummingbird closed down in october 2002.

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              Yes, and thank you for the correction. It WAS the Hummingbird, that I was thinking of. Sorry for my confusion.


        3. I had lunch for around the fifth time at Luke one day this week, and enjoyed it again. It's directly across St. Charles Avenue from my office building, so it's convenient for me, but I mention it because if you are staying in the CBD or in the Quarter, it will be more convenient for you than a hike out to any of the various outlying neighborhoods.

          That said, I can tell you that layne's recommendations are very good, and the Coffee Pot sounds good too.

          1. If you are Uptown - don't miss Refuel. It is in the Riverbend near Camellia Grill (another can't miss by the way). It's a nice, clean alternative to the greasy spoons nearby - Camellia Grill and Oak St. Cafe. My boyfriend is addicted to the iced coffee and I to the creamy grits. Very casual.

            I hear Commander's Palace has the best $30 brunch in town. (eggs benedict, mimosas, etc.)

            Have fun this weekend!

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              Also, if you are in the uptown/Carrollton area, Ricabono's Panola Street Cafe. In the quarter I like Cafe Fleur de Lis, just a small breakfast, but I make it a point to stop there whenever I am in town

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                Oak Street Cafe a greasy spoon? I haven't ever really had that feeling there... more like it was just homey. Their pancakes are pretty good, and I believe they still do homemade doughnuts.

              2. Anyone ever been to Slim Goodies? (http://slimgoodies.com/) It sounds like a good place.

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                  Thanks so much, everybody. great suggestions one and all. It sounds as though these daytime places will live up to the nighttime spots we've targeted -- August and Cuvee.

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                    See my post above. Slim Goodies is pretty good, but not as good as the Bluebird.

                  2. Lili Dizzy's has two locations, one at Esplanade near I-10 and the second on Poydras in the Whitney Hotel. Both locations are open for breakfast on the weekends and are an inexpensive and excellent option.

                    1. Freret Street Cafe (cross street is Lowerline) is my favorite because you can sit outside. They have great omelettes, bacon, and eggs benedict. Bluebird (on Prytania) also has fabulous food. Try their corn beef hash. Slim Goddies is like a diner. Ok food but the service can be iffy. Go to Oak Street for their pancakes.

                      1. Surrey's is my favorite place. they are very inventive with new dishes pretty regularly. Their fresh juices are also very great. They are cash only however.

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                          I second, third and fourht Surrey's. Their Migas are not to be missed, nor is the banana pancake

                        2. Surrey's Juice Bar on Magazine in the Lower Garden District is what you're looking for.

                          Inventive specials, excellent omlettes and other breakfast items. They have at least 5 sandwiches on the menu as well, in addition to several entree selections. At least 2 or 3 fresh juice selections daily. We had fresh pear, ginger apple cider yesterday...so warm and delicious.

                          Reminds me of Clinton Street Baking Co., but more funky New Orleans...and a lot more intimate.

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                            ...wasn't thrilled with Surrey's last time there....How about Blue Plate on Prytania, second that emotion on Refuel, love Oak Street and Slim Goodies, and there's Eat on Dumaine in the FQ, and breakfast at Luke, or brunch at Dante's...don't forget Cafe Atchafalaya on Louisiana...

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                              I eat a surrey's a few time a month and have never been disappointed. however, my boyfriend wasn't pleased with his migas as he didn't think they were "true migas" and they comped us for them. I do love when they do the boudin style eggs benedict. Blue Plate is great if only they'd open on sunday's. I think Slim's is dirty and not thrilled with the food. Only time I at at Cafe Atchafalaya I was disappointed in the food...not enough flavor and too costly. I'll have to give them another shot.

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                                Out of curiosity, he seems to know a thing or two about migas, how do Surrey's differ from traditional migas? It is one of my "go-tos" there.

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                                  I always get them and like them as well. My boyfriend went to college and worked a bit in Texas so he is used to a certain type of migas. I also make my differently. He was just wanting more tortillias mixed in with the eggs. They are very light on the tortillas. I usually use about 5-6 per 5 eggs so that is a lot...and then fry them done and mix the eggs in with it... so him being a "bread boy" he was missing that.

                          2. Camelia Grill has great breakfast.... Near Tulane too. Lots of great people watching.