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Jan 16, 2008 03:17 PM

I heart Village Pita Bakery

Since moving to a job in the NE last year, I've been eating regularly at the Village Pita Bakery. The usual order is a meat pie and a spinach-feta pie. It ties for my fave cheap lunch spot near work (the other being Pho Xuan on 36th St.) I buy the pies to take home but I’d say they’re 50 per cent better when you eat them hot from oven – or whatever warm thing they got goin' in the back room. You can also find the old fashioned "flatbread" – the paper-thin bread that was always served with a meal at my Lebanese grandfather’s house.

In addition to the great food, the entertainment factor kicks in over the noon-hour when the throngs of kids from the school next door descend on VPB. It gets noisy and busy faster than you can say fatayer. But the owners are patient and keep a separate line for adults.

I tried the donair place (Babylon?) across the parking lot but wasn’t too jazzed. I’d be interested in any others’ experiences at the other eateries in Short Pants plaza.

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  1. Short Pants is amazing! I haven't been to Babylon in a while but the thing we always get (or got) there was the plates with rice and stews- I have no idea how their sandwiches are because this is what I always eat- chickpeas, okra, chicken and beef, lots of flavour and something very different from what one usually finds in Middle Eastern places here.

    Jamaican patties in bulk form Lloyds- nice. You can of course by them in non-bulk too.

    I've never been to that Ismaili place where the dutch pancake place used to be but have heard good things about it- problem is that the menu is too close to Tiffin across the street and that's where my allegiance is.

    1. I eat at Shortpants Plaza all the time (or at least I did before I went on mat leave). Safari Grille is very good as well (where the Dutch Pancake place used to be). They have pretty good lunch specials where you get a meat curry, a veggie curry, a piece of tandoori chicken and a piece of naan for under $10. I really like their tandori chicken. It is some of the most flavorful that I've ever had. Definitely worth a try. Tiffin across the street is also very good but they only have roti no naan. They do serve cafeteria style, though, so it is very quick and always tasty.

      Also, I totally agree with your suggestion of Village Pita. The meat pies ROCK. Especially with lemon juice and hot sauce though be careful of the hot sauce b/c it is really hot.