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Jan 16, 2008 03:15 PM

Single Serving Sriracha Packets?

I love, no, need to have sriracha on almost everything I eat and now I've heard that there are single serving sriracha packets (like those ketchup and mustard packets). Can anyone confirm or deny this? And if they do exist, where I can buy them?

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  1. I have seen them in one local (San Diego) VietNamese sandwich shop, but not for the last few months (since about October).

    {Yes, I have taken extras home with me...}

    I looked for them at our local bulk non-Costco supplier and did not see them, so imagine they come (or came) from an Asian foods bulk supplier.

    1. these guys don't have it...yet. but i'm guessing they may at some point. i've ordered many travel packs of condiments from them, including tapatio & tabasco [oh, and sort of OT, but a heads-up for my fellow celiacs - they have packets of wheat-free soy sauce]...

        1. You might try an Asian market - both for the packets OR, failing that, those tiny little refillable fish-shaped bottles usually used for bento soy sauce. They would probably be hell to wash, but it's worth a try because they're only a couple bucks for a dozen.

          1. I've seen the packets at Ono Hawaiian Barbaque restaurants - usually pick up a few for take out. Haven't seen them for sale anywhere.