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Jan 16, 2008 03:11 PM

CC Philly Bar w/ Food

Hi, all! I'm searching for a bar that serves decent food (on the cheap side) in CC Philly for a group of 10-15. Parking a plus, but not necessary. It'll be a Friday night and also during restaurant week. Thinking about Good Dog, but have only been there once and never upstairs. Any suggestions appreciated! TY!

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  1. Upstairs at Good Dog might be a possibility. I would give them a call.

    One of my personal favorites in McGillians. The food is edible, but the bar has the best personality and prices. So much fun.

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    1. re: saturninus

      ya know, mcgillans does have some pretty good french fries. though i usually can't stand the patrons. everyone else always seems drunker than me there.

      upstairs at standard tap if you wait around you might be able to snag a couple tables. yes, n3rd isn't really good for groups over 4.

      what about eulogy? i've seen big groups upstairs. not sure how packed they get on a fri nite. i think they are on opentable.

    2. Some suggestions off the top of my head:

      Jose Pistolas
      Field House (a basic menu since it's new, but good)
      Moriarty's (for the wing-lover...has an upstairs room)
      Nodding Head
      O'Neals (not Center City, but decent cheap food and nice beer selection)

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      1. re: lawgirl3278

        Thanks!! Keep em coming! We're open to going outside of CC (South Philly, etc)...especially if there's parking.

      2. Fergie's has decent food on the cheap side.

        1. It's tough to roll into a bar (with good food) with 10-15 people on a Friday night and get a table together. If you find a place where someone can arrive early and stake out some space, you might have better luck... unless you're planning an event and can get a place to set space aside for you.
          You might try Standard Tap, the upstairs bar is a good space if you can snag a few tables.
          Other than that, you could move through the gastropub list: Abbaye, N. 3rd, Royal Tavern... I'd definitely agree with saturninus on Good Dog, they even have a third floor room with pool tables.

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          1. re: urbanfabric

            While I love N. 3rd and the Royal (my 2 favorite bars), I think it would be very hard for 10-15 people to go and hang out comfortably. Their bars and tables are small. Standard Tap and Good Dog may be able to accomodate.

          2. Dark Horse is off of South Street and is very easy to find and there is a good shot at parking. The spot has multiple rooms and can easily accomodate 10-15 people. Nice beer and whiskey selection too. Cool spot.

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