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Jan 16, 2008 03:08 PM

unusable sauce packet when buying sealed duck and turkey

I am always annoyed by those supposed "sauce packet" stucked in the cavity when you open a turkey or duck package. I actually tried to taste one of the sauce packet once -- it was totally terrible. Always gets thrown out. The packet weights at least one pound. I believe the manufacturers sneak those packets in just to make money -- in case of duck and turkey breast the weight of the packet is about 20% of the intended product! I first noticed this practice in frozen ducks. Now it is in frozen turkeys, as well as turkey breasts -- alway without any indication on the package. I feel it is like cheating.

Have you experienced that? Do you use the sauce packet? Can we actually do something about it?

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  1. In all the years of buying whole turkeys & sometimes just the breast, I've never encountered a sauce packet. I have found the usual packet of innards but never a sauce. Is this a precooked duck or turkey?

    1. Never seen it myself, but if it wasn't listed on the package, I'd take it back for a refund.

      1. Yeah, last time I opened a whole duck, there was an "orange" sauce included. I don't think there was anything derived from an actual orange in it. Into the trash.

        1. Where do you live? I've never heard of such a thing. Where I live I believe the label would have to give an idea of the contents. Sounds outrageous and well worthy of complaint.

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            where I live the ducks in the grocery store come with the "orange sauce" packet. It is mentioned on the label, so no complaints are possible. It *is* irritating.

          2. Legally this item should not be "counted" as part of the weight, same as not"actually" paying for a tray that meat is sold on..there should always be tare weight....
            You may not pay for it as part of the net weight....put you are paying for it some way in the cost of goods