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Local beer

Good evening...

I'm looking for Boston-area breweries (not Sam, not Harpoon!) which, in addition to selling draft in their pubs, also bottle and distribute from the bar or in a local store. That is to say -- is there locally brewed beer I can enjoy at home?


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  1. Try the Cambridge Brewing Company. It is very popular with the beer drinkers in my family. Seasonal specials brewed right there, growlers to bring home and a nice staff.

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      I believe Watch City Brewing in Waltham would meet your criteria.

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        John Harvard's (which has several locations) also sells their beer to go. They do have a few nice beers; though generally I think Cambridge Brewing Company is better.

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          I second JH and CBC. Take a pass on Watch City. I don't believe Beerworks bottles or fills growlers--at least I've never gotten one.

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            Boston Beerworks' Fenway location used to definitely fill/sell growlers...have they stopped?

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              Beerworks still in both locations. I know they get a lot of unwashed masses during the Sox season and the food isn't good but they do good beer

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                They still do growlers. Our friend brought one over for the Clay Buchholz no hitter. Very tasty Pale Ale.

        2. I know you can buy growlers from the ones that people listed. Another one to add is Beer Works. I like their beer too.

          1. go for the Cambridge Brewing Co - available at their spot or some of the better beer bars around town - it is considered a higher quality craft brew than some of the other local breweries, I would agree.

            1. Many of the local breweries have wide distribution in local package stores, and give brewery tours (and tastings). They are also on draft in many local bars.

              Harpoon (on the South Boston Waterfront) immediately springs to mind - and their tours include tastings.

              So there are many pubs that can answer your question, based on what they sell. It didn't sound like you were interested only in brewpubs.

              1. http://brewpubzone.com/States/Massach...

                You should look into some of the "local" NH, ME, and VT breweries, as well. Lots of good microbreweries in New England:
                Otter Creek

                There's a decent book out now that lists most NE microbreweries, with additional info such as their main brew and seaasonals they offer.

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                  Pick up one of the local beer/brewing papers next time you're out for a beer (at Publick House, John Harvards, Bukowski's, Sunset Grill) they'll list all the New England microbreweries and brewpubs. Yankee Brew News has a particularly good set of maps showing locations in all the NE states. Burlington VT and Portland ME are pretty good choices for beer oriented weekend road trips.

                2. Not exactly local but pretty close- Buzzards Bay Brewing Co. on Horseneck Rd in Westport MA- about a 1 hour drive and in a beautiful place to visit. They are open only Saturdays form 1-5 (tel 508 636 2288) and they sell their beer at some stores in Bristol and plymouth county, and the Cape and Islands.

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                    And then after going here, you can hop on over to the Cape and catch the ferry to the Vineyard for an Offshore Ale expedition.

                  2. Some locals:
                    Berkshire Brewing Company
                    Buzzards Bay Brewing
                    Cape Ann Brewing Company (never tried them)
                    Cape Cod Beer
                    Cisco Brewers (Nantucket brewery)
                    Cold River Brewing Company (haven't found them in many stores)
                    Concord Brewery
                    Deja Brew
                    High & Mighty Brewing Co.
                    Mayflower Brewing Company
                    Mercury Brewing Company, Inc.
                    Nashoba Valley Winery
                    Paper City Brewery Co., Inc.
                    Pioneer Brewing Co.
                    Sherwood Forest Brewers Ltd.
                    Wachusett Brewing Company

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                      I'd like to give the nod to Wachesett Brewing Company as well. They brew their beer in the Worcester area and they do a damn good job. Try the IPA, andn if you're not afraid of a lil' fruit, the Blueberry. Three alums from my alma matter (WPI) quit their engineering jobs and started the company from the ground up, and in recent year it's really made some traction. Good, fresh, local beer.

                      And incidentally, my brothers and I are going to Deja Brew this Sunday before the game to brew a couple of batches. Gift certs to Deja Brew are a can't-miss Christmas present!

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                        I agree, the Wachusett IPA rocks as does their Nut Brown Ale.

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                        If we're going regional, Gardner Ale House sells growlers.

                      3. The Tremont beers are still brewed in Somerville as far as I know.

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                          I was looking at this, and I don't think so. The beer advocate lists it as a product of the Shipyard Brewing company in Mane (http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/139) and it also says that it's contract brewed in Utica, NY (http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/...), but that's not very recent info. Their website (http://www.tremontale.com/) is very very vague, listing a PO box in Boston as their only address. I think it no longer qualifies as local beer, although it's still an ok pour.

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                            A friend of mine is a former Tremont employee and I can confirm that they're no longer local; they were indeed contract brewing in Utica when things weren't working out here, then I believe that Shipyard picked them up; the Shipyard master brewer created the original Tremont recipe, so there's a certain logic there.

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                              Thanks for that info, I was wondering about them (Tremont)

                        2. I'm a big fan of the Ipswich brews by the Mercury Brewing Company.

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                            I agree, superb beer. Also a CBC fan.

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                              I went on a brewery tour there and they poured me an Oatmeal Stout right out of the big stainless vat. mmm.

                            2. I think every thing's been covered. also try Downtown Liquors in Davis Sqr and www.beeradvocate.com for more local info. the beer bars in town (Publick House, Redbones, Deep Ellum, Sunset Bar &Grill, Bukowskis, Cambridge Commons etc.) are really your best bet for local brews that may not be distributed to package stores. These places also do beer dinners occasionally that feature local beers.