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Jan 16, 2008 02:58 PM

Keeping salad mix fresh

What are your tips on keeping salad mix fresh after the bag has been open. I bought a 3lb bag of salad mix at Costco because it was cheaper than buying a 1 lb bag at the grocery store, plus I like to have it around for when I want a salad. Is there anything I can do to keep it fresh longer?

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  1. I have bad luck with those, so I would be curious what others do. I have had the salad go bad the next day after opening.

    1. I lay a long strip of paper towels across my counter and spread it out, tossing any suspect looking pieces, then roll it up and put it in a gallon zip bag. I find the less it touches itself, the longer it lasts.

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        I'm not working with those quantities, so I can do the same thing with a clean tea towel, but I agree: soaking up the interstitial moisture helps with longevity of any stored greens, whether it's salad or "greens" for cooking.

      2. I don't know which company it is but for most of them, I'd clip tightly and keep the salad in the bag. The bags, theoretically, are made to allow the salad mix to respire at their normal rate. But, keep a close eye out on the use by date--salad might look good but bacteria could grow to unsafe levels. Bagged salads aren't made to last that long, only 14-17 days after processing and you have to take into account the shipping and all.

        1. I bought one last week and am just finishing it. I stuffed a paper towel or two down the sides of the bag and replaced them when they got damp. Just twisted and wire-tied the bag itself. No slime or mush so far.

          1. I don't like the smell inside those bags. I have stopped buying them as I found we were throwing them out before they were finished. Now I buy a Romaine lettuce, and all the other bits and make salad fresh each day. No idea if it's cheaper but I know it's fresher.

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              I agree about the smell. I make my own salad mix once a week that I store in glass jars. Actually, I'm still playing with the best way to keep it ... plastic container, bag, or glass jar.

              So for the bagged salad mix you might give glass jars a try after taking into account other suggestions
              - check the date on the bag
              - dry off the mix before putting in another container
              - pick out all pieces that are starting to go bad.

              I'm surprised though how long fresh lettuce keeps, especially as mentioned Romaine. If I buy lettuce straight from the farmers market it will keep two weeks in the crisper drawer. I haven't tried to see if my own salad mix would last two weeks as it is just easy enough for me to make it weekly and be assured it is fresh.