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Jan 16, 2008 02:48 PM

Napa (with young'uns.)

We are headed to Napa (the actual city) for a couple of days with the kiddies, 2 and 8. Any suggestions for kid friendly places to eat and food related things to do? Already suggested has been the new Oxbow Marketplace and Cuvee for a meal. Thanks! Stuart

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  1. If you're willing to go outside the town of Napa, Sterling Winery, up the highway, has a tram car (fun for kids) plus they keep coloring books and crayons in the tasting room to keep little ones occupied while you try the wines.

    1. Copia has a fun section upstairs with interactive displays. Good for the 8 year old, anyway. Different scents to identify, computer games about grocery shopping, kitchens of future. Also the garden is nice, though this is winter so not too much will be going on. Still, a fun place to run around.

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        Just a question, Glencora, to ask if you really think this is suitable for children. My impression is just the opposite, but I could be wrong. Was just there on Saturday.

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          We took our son there when he was ten and he really liked the upstairs hands-on area and the garden. He obviously would not have been interested in the demos and food and wine tasting. Also, it was summer, so he enjoyed tasting the tomatoes and fruit in the garden. Winter might be different. I think kids would put up with Copia, maybe even have some fun. Sometimes that's the best parents can hope for. (We have to have fun, too.)

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            For food: The Boon Fly Cafe at The Carneros Inn -- breakfast, lunch or dinner. Excellent comfort food in a beautifully designed, updated diner environment.

            For a field trip: one possible idea is Marshall's Honey Farm in American Canyon. Very local, very laid back. Outstanding quality honey and informative guide to making honey -- the kids should love the hives, combs and ultimate product.

            Have fun.

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              The current exhibit at the Napa Valley Museum may be interesting -- it's a collection of personal collections: arrows, masks, Indian culture, capguns, old guitars, multi-cultural artifacts, etc.

              And, it's right next door (there's a little gate that attaches the two) to Domaine Chandon, the sparkling wine house! Might be fun. Lots of big trees, places to walk, etc.

        2. Anette's Chocolate is at Oxbow, but the original on 1st street would be fun for kids in terms of a dessert like an ice cream sundae

          Anette's Chocolate & Ice Cream
          1321 1st St, Napa, CA