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Jan 16, 2008 02:33 PM

Help - BBQ Catering?

Ok Chowhounders - I need your help.

I want bbq at my wedding (May 2008). Because it's messy, because it's fun, and because it's delicious. And because it means that I can have frilly monogrammed bbq bibs (the only frilly monogrammed things allowed at the wedding).

And while I have scoured the chowhound boards for all of your fantastic recommendations for sit-down and take out bbq, and orchestrated some pretty entertaining and gut-splitting bbq tastings with my friends and family, I'm curious if any of you have any experience with getting any of the bbq places in LA to CATER?

I'm willing to accept any level of service, including but not limited to:

1. Grill on site: I'm actually less inclined to go this route as we're getting married at a historic site and I'm paranoid about the place going up in smoke. Also, my stomach will growl through the entire ceremony if I catch even one whiff of smoke or sauce - which, while I am not a traditional bride by any means, is probably not appropriate.

2. Full service: Place delivers, sets up, and serves the food (buffet style, but buffet-with-server style). Please let me know if any places were particularly lovely and friendly if/when they offered this!

3. Delivery only: I'll have to hire servers and rent a hot box and chafing dishes, but it'll be worth it because the food will be hot, delicious and ON TIME.

Specifically, has anyone had any experience with Phillip's (the Crenshaw/Adams location) doing catering? The food is delicious but I'm just concerned about the scale of my order and whether they'd really be able to accommodate (they seem so busy).

You guys rule, thanks in advance.

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  1. Many places will do off premises catering, but some may want to keep the travel time reasonably convenient. Have you picked a site for this party yet?

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    1. re: Professor Salt

      Yup - we'll be at Heritage Square Museum, in Highland Park.

      1. re: Naama

        There are many fans on this board of the Santa Maria tri tip that's grilled in front of several How's Markets. Your location isn't that far from either the Glendale or Pasadena stores.

        I don't know if they do catering for private events, but it might be worth a call.

    2. The Rib Ranch BBQ, on Topanga Cyn. Blvd. in Woodland Hills, caters. I recently attended a party that they catered under what you characterize as the "full service" method, serving chicken, tri-tip, beans, salad, bread, etc., and it was quite good. I've also eaten at their restaurant, and have been favorably impressed. I don't know their geographical range for catering, but hey -- give them a call at (818) 884-7776 and find out.

      And by the way: Mazel tov!!

      1. I LOVE Heritage Square! Congratulations.
        Not my experience directly, but I went to a wedding that had a BBQ meal and it was delicious. They did have the grill and it was buffet style. We had tri-tip, chicken and ribs and they were all really very good. And the father of the bride told me (when I told him how good the food was) that they were really easy to work with and that he decided if he was footing the bill for a wedding, it was going to be none of that regular chicken with sauce crap for him! ;-)
        They used the Thousand Oaks Meat Locker. See link:

        1. Tulsa Rib Company in Orange, CA

          Went there this weekend, AWESOME babyback ribs. I couldn't lift up ANY of the BBR's because the meat just fell off the bone.

          They had 2 bigass catering trucks parked outside.

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          1. re: ns1

            Tulsa Rib Company does some pretty serious catering biz and would be great for this. Another place that is excellent and does on-site cooking is Buckboard BBQ based in Upland. They specialize in Santa Maria style BBQ (tri-tip and more).

          2. I know that Robin's in Pasadena does catering. You might check with them. Their stuff is pretty good.