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Jan 16, 2008 02:25 PM

Mr. Greenjeans

Has anyone gone there lately?? I was surprised to hear that it is still at the Eaton Centre. Is it worth revisiting?

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  1. No, most things in the Eaton Centre arent worth revisiting. Doesnt look like Toronto life square is going to ad anything new to the mix either. Mr.Greenjeans is kind of a tourist trap in my opinion. Its just average, not bad but not good.

    1. Had no clue that was still there... Just like High school it is probably best left as a memory.

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        No more stickers, alas. I went once a year ago, out of desperation (I was there, late, and starving), and I have to say even desperation would not lead me there again.

        1. re: Full tummy

          I went in December because i wanted to eat and was too lazy to go outside Eaton's. Definitely will not go back again. Pizza and pasta were ok but at that price, there are many other choices closeby on Yonge.

      2. Keep the memories. I remember when Mr Greenjeans was extremely good. It was near Jarvis and extended from Richmond to Adelaide. The name was because it was mainly a plant store, with the resto at one end. I think it was still the seventies.

        Last time I was at the Eaton Centre, Mr Greenjeans was more expensive than City Grill for overlapping menu items. City Grill has MUCH better food.

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        1. re: embee

          That can't be saying much because the couple times I've been to City Grill because of its location, it was VERY mediocre.

          Haven't been to Mr. Greenjeans for years. It was a regular hangout when I was a young teenager. We loved the big milkshakes, spinach salad and the kettle chips which would get soggy in the right places from vinegar and ketchup. We loved hanging out in the retail part of the store while we waited for our table. I remember going years later and vowing never to go back.
          This thread reminds me of Friendly's on Yonge outside the Eaton Centre. We always used to hang out there for massive ice cream sundaes. I'm sure the ice cream wasn't anything spectacular. But they were fond memories.

        2. Went there to eat during the Christmas season because the place below it looked way too overpriced and pretentious and it seemed like a step up from the food court.

          The pasta was incredibly oily, when I finished it I looked at my plate and there was a puddle of oil there. The server was a douchebag. The portions were tiny. The decor is shite. The salad was wilted. Yeah.. never again, I should have just gotten some Harveys.

          1. I was there at Christmas and I had a vanilla milkshake (nothing to eat admittedly) and I thought it was really good. Thick and creamy. It was very retro.