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Jan 16, 2008 02:18 PM

Best Place to Find Chinese Herbs and Hard to Find Chinese Items - DFW

This weekend I was watching some PBS and saw the Martin Yan's China episode from Sichaun province where he visits the panda bear sanctuary. To make a long story short he made a chicken soup in this episode with some herbs not available in the herb section of the local CM or WF. Does anyone know what shop is the best for Chinese Herbs (specifically the following)?

Dong Quai
Dried Wolfberries
Dried Tangerine Peel
Monkeyhead Mushroom
Frozen Ginko Nuts

Black/Silken Chicken (black skin) (not an herb)

Recipe for the soup^^^ Minus some of the herbs he added

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  1. According to my Chinese friend,
    "HK Market and other Chinese grocery stores should carry them all. If not, try the herb
    store in Richardson Chinatown."

    Do the ginko nuts have to be frozen? Canned ones should be available at most Asian stores. Fresh ones should be available in late fall to early winter.

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      Just trying to follow the recipe, but to answer your question I don't believe that they have to be frozen. Thanks for the suggestion! I will check them out

    2. Local Chinese market. Like Tien Tien, Asia World Market, or HK Market.

      1. You can get the black/silken chicken at Hiep Thai market at Walnut and Jupiter They're in the frozen meat section (back left part of the store), and are about $5 each.