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Jan 16, 2008 02:12 PM

Comme Ca and the East Side Cocktail

S.I.V.'s review today mentioned this concoction made of gin, mint, lime and cucumber. It sounds like a great combo. If anyone has tried it, would you please share your experience. Is it a sweetened drink?

I've looked at various bartending sites online and nothing comes up. Does anyone besides the bartender at Comme Ca know the recipe?

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  1. Hey Bob, Osteria Mozza serves a similar drink. EXTREMELY tasty, not sweet, very refreshing. There it's called....a.....I'm blanking. Something with golf, not an Arnold Palmer...dang.

    1. i've had something nice served up by tim at the bar at josie... i don't think there was lime juice in it... it was served with thin slices of persian cucumbers. i cant remember if the gin was hendricks but it was something fancy....

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        Yes, Tim does do a wonderful cucumber, lime and Hendricks gin drink -- I think the fresh lime and cucumber aremuddled together, and the drink isn't sweet (maybe there was a touch of Rose's or vermouth to add a tiny bit of sweetness to cut the acid) but rather very fragrant with cucumber. Hungry Cat used to do a cucumber martini with Plymouth gin, but it's no longer on their most recent cocktail menu.

      2. Hatfield's has a similar cocktail involving vodka instead of gin, and they call it a Cucumber-Mint Gimlet. Described on their menu as "Organic cucumber infused Hangar One vodka, fresh mint leaves, lime." It is possibly the perfect cocktail. Very refreshing and tasty, only a little sweet.

        1. I've had the east side cocktail at Comme Ca and absolutely loved it. There's a hint of sweetness to it, but the flavor that comes through the most is the cool cucumber with a little bit of gin. It's very refreshing and I highly recommend ordering one if you're there.

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          1. re: Newkie

            Ditto. Had one with lunch today and it was very tasty, not too sweet at all. Though I must say, my friend had a Penicillin (scotch, ginger, lemon & honey) which was equally good but almost twice as large for the same price. $14.

          2. Hey Bob,

            I've had the East Side Cocktail at Comme Ca, and it was awesome! :) Very tasty, lightly sweet, and you definitely taste the Mint, Lime and Cucumber (in a wonderful way). I'll definitely be ordering it again.