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Jan 16, 2008 01:36 PM

KC - Granny's Chicken Ranch

Has anyone tried this place yet? I've read some good reviews and reader comments. Sounds identical to Stroud's.

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  1. I tried Granny's earlier this week. Granny's is no Stroud's, that's for sure.

    Wait for the new Stroud's to open at 4200 Shawnee Mission Parkway in Fairway.

    Check out my review of Granny's here:

    1. We haven't been there, not a big fried food fan, but the Pitch review seemed to like it.
      Their least favorite part were the cinnamon rolls. So I guess to each their own.

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      1. re: WyCo

        And the rolls were ccbraley's most favorite part, sounds like! So, you're right - to each his own.

        1. re: GiGiWy

          I wish it could have stayed as WJ McBrides, I really liked them.

          1. re: WyCo

            I agree with WyCo - I loved McBrides. Don't know why they couldn't make it there. Maybe too far away from the other restaurants in The Legends?

            Granny's gravy is just plain WEIRD. Not the creamy white chicken gravy that is typical. It was more like beige sausage gravy for biscuits, which it just plain wrong on a chicken fried chicken/steak.

            On a side note - you know who has wonderful chicken fried steak? Hereford House! It's amazing! Just had it at the new Hereford House at Midland Drive (Shawnee) about three weeks ago. Yum.

            1. re: ccbraley

              I keep hoping for another Irish Pub type place, maybe that is the real reason we haven't tried Granny's. Just doesn't seem right. Oh well.
              I will have to put Hereford House on our list, I forget they are out here.

      2. I did not get the "Stroud's" thing. It opened in Ft. Worth and did not last 5 min. Guess they make fried chicken different in the midwest!

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        1. re: randyjl

          I thougt the original Strouds was pretty good, maybe it was more the roadside diner atmosphere. For good fired chicken, try Chicken Annies or Chicken Mary's outside Pittsburg, KS. Sides are really good too.

        2. My wife and I have eaten there three times now and the food is great. I haven't had chicken or gravy like that since my grandmother passed away. This place puts Sroud's to shame, and is the best comfort food we have found anywhere. Just two complaints, too much food and the place is way too nice for a chicken joint. You won't be dissapointed in this place.

          1. We have ate there twice, both times the chicken was over cooked and dry, and I agree what up with the gravy? When I think of chicken gravy, I what a creamy white gravy, and none of the side dishes wasn't any better then what you get at a Boston Market. Can't wait till Strouds opens on SM Parkway.

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            1. re: Irishbeer4me

              Since the original Strouds closed, I can't say I have been real impressed with their food. And to me the best chicken gravy comes from Go Chicken Go, and it is yellow :)

              1. re: WyCo

                Interesting comments, Everyone. With such differing opinions, sounds like it's one of those things one is just going to have to try for oneself!

                1. re: GiGiWy

                  The best kept secret in kansas city, is the Frontier Steak House, family owned and operated since 1960. By far the best fried chicken and comfort food in Kansas City. It sits on the other side of I-435 from where Mcbrides use to be on state ave. I've ate there for years, great every time.

                  1. re: wydot

                    We haven't stopped there in years, but it looks like they always have a good crowd. Do they have entertainment some nights?