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Miami Asian Restaurants

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Hi Hounders,

Any recommendations for the best Asian restaurant in the Miami area? There seem to be several and the reviews on Shamash are conflicting. Thanks. I'll take your pizza recommendations too :)

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  1. The Thai place and China Bistro are both good, imo. The Thai place is a bit better priced, iirc.

    1. Sara's on 123rd St for pizza

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        Sara's for pizza and nachos! The food quality at Sara's is great!

        Awesome Nachos!

      2. We just came from Miami. I am partial to China Bistro. It is a very pretty place. The service is good. The food came out quickly. I am partial to their paella-something atypical ,delicious and healthy.

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          I found China Bistro to be excellent. The menu is vast, with some items stronger than others but I would venture to say that overall it exceeds the quality of what is available in New York. The outdoor seating is a nice option. Thai Treats, with its flavorful fare was also good and I wish there were something like it here. It reminded me of the Indian restaurants that went kosher (though Thai Treats is fleishig). Deis is correct as to price; Thai Treats is about 2/3 the price of China Bistro (I should add, the setting is not as nice).

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            Iss that the one in the Aventura Shoppes? If so, we found everything *extremely* garlicky.

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              China Bistro is in The Waterways.

          2. Thai treat is heavenly. Its really not to be missed. I also enjoy the faux bacon cheeseburger at Sam's deli on 41st as well as the food at Sara's pizza, especially the frozen blended coffee drinks.

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              Sam's Deli is good if you have no budget restrictions.