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Jan 16, 2008 01:31 PM

Miami Asian Restaurants

Hi Hounders,

Any recommendations for the best Asian restaurant in the Miami area? There seem to be several and the reviews on Shamash are conflicting. Thanks. I'll take your pizza recommendations too :)

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  1. The Thai place and China Bistro are both good, imo. The Thai place is a bit better priced, iirc.

    1. Sara's on 123rd St for pizza

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        Sara's for pizza and nachos! The food quality at Sara's is great!

        Awesome Nachos!

      2. We just came from Miami. I am partial to China Bistro. It is a very pretty place. The service is good. The food came out quickly. I am partial to their paella-something atypical ,delicious and healthy.

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          I found China Bistro to be excellent. The menu is vast, with some items stronger than others but I would venture to say that overall it exceeds the quality of what is available in New York. The outdoor seating is a nice option. Thai Treats, with its flavorful fare was also good and I wish there were something like it here. It reminded me of the Indian restaurants that went kosher (though Thai Treats is fleishig). Deis is correct as to price; Thai Treats is about 2/3 the price of China Bistro (I should add, the setting is not as nice).

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            Iss that the one in the Aventura Shoppes? If so, we found everything *extremely* garlicky.

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              China Bistro is in The Waterways.

          2. Thai treat is heavenly. Its really not to be missed. I also enjoy the faux bacon cheeseburger at Sam's deli on 41st as well as the food at Sara's pizza, especially the frozen blended coffee drinks.

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              Sam's Deli is good if you have no budget restrictions.