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Jan 16, 2008 01:31 PM

What I ate in Philly! Ocean Harbor, Horizons, Rangoon, Tamarind Thai, Fu Wah Tofu Hoagie

First, thanks to everyone who posted suggestions for my trip on my previous thread: .

I ended up meeting a friend for dim sum at Ocean Harbor for lunch. We had the turnip cake, pork buns, tripe, jellyfish, shark fin dumplings, and all sorts of other less exotic goodies. Everything was great, and my point of reference is some of the dim sum in Boston (like the poster in ). Highly recommended.

Dinner that night was Tamarind Thai. I like spicy food and so does my colleague/dining partner for the evening, so we were very pleased. Now I can't recall the name of what I had for dinner, but the lemongrass soup (which was essentially tom yum) and the other soup with chicken and glass noodles were great. My entree was a vegetable and tofu dish in a gingery sauce -- I needed to counteract all that dim sum earlier in the day -- which was very flavorful and spicy.

The next night was Horizons. After looking at the menu, I had to verify that it really was indeed vegan. It was fabulous, and even the devout meat eater in my party was pleased! I had the Cuban shepherd's pie, which was served in an acorn squash, while one of my party had the portabello trio. Our third companion had the pan roasted tofu with winter vegetables. For dessert, it was the cheesecake, the saffron creme brulee, and the bread pudding. All were excellent.

Night #3: Rangoon. We had the firecracker lentil fritters (nice and spicy!) to start. One of my friends had the thousand layer bread with potato curry dip, which she said was great. (I couldn't try it -- I'm allergic to milk and it's slathered in butter.) We ordered the jungle chicken, the pin sein mussels, and I had the monsoon vegetables. Again, everything was really good, fresh, and spicy. They were also extremely helpful in guiding me toward foods without dairy, so if you're with someone with a food allergy, this might be a good choice.

Finally, before I left, my friend took me to the Fu Wah market for the tofu hoagie! I got it with all the spicy toppings, and WOW. I had no idea what to expect, but it certainly wasn't anything this good! Very much worth the trip.

Thanks again for the suggestions!

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  1. Great stops. I love Fu Wah.

    1. Glad you had such a great time, at least culinarily-speaking. I'm wondering if we may have crossed paths during the conference -- I had dinner at Tamarind Thursday night and Rangoon as part of a group dinner on Sunday! And I'm thrilled that you made it to Horizons. The best of the best, IMO. Thanks for posting your report!

      Re: Rangoon -- if anyone is looking for a place to host a group dinner, Rangoon did an excellent job with a group of 30-plus people, all ordering different drinks, appetizers, etc. They did not provide us with individual checks (completely understandable), but provided one check per table which we were then able to divide equally per number of diners. This also made for an excellent opportunity to share an abundance of appetizers, and also allowed the 'beer table' to drink away to their heart's content while keeping the rest of our tabs reasonable!

      1. thanks for reporting back!!
        OK, why have i never heard of the tofu hoagie or fu wah?! i think lunch plans have been decided for tomorrow! :)

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        1. re: rabidog

          The tofu hoagie [from Fu Wah] is one of those things that is totally mouth of mouth - it's basically just spicy, marinated tofu banh mi, which I love. The owners are opening a restaurant nearby, I do think.

        2. where is Fu Wah located? That sounds so good..i'll be back in philly in the spring.
          I can't say i've been to Tamarind, but Rangoon has been a long time favorite when im in the mood for Burmese food.

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          1. re: fastnoypi

            Fu Wah is at 810 s. 47th (47th and Baltimore)
            I also am a big fan of the tofu hoagies here.