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Jan 16, 2008 01:30 PM

January 2008 Best and Worst for DC Restaurant Week

Starting with the excellent list ( that Lowbar posted in 2006, I have added some relevant information: the lists are now alphabetical, and I've added notes for the restaurants that are extending their Restaurant Week prices past the official end of the week.

1. Very Good
Charlie Palmer's
Colvin Run
Corduroy (1/26/08
)DC Coast
Ristorante Tosca
Willow (1/26/08)
Zengo (lunch)

2. Good but Limited Menu or Limited Value:
Georgia Brown's (1/25/08)
Smith & Wollensky
Teatro Goldoni (1/27/08)
Vidalia (upcharges)

3. Avoid:
Bobby Van's
Butterfield 9 (service)
Cafe 15
Galileo (service)
i Ricchi
Indebleu (1/27/08)
Mie N Yu (1/27/08)
Occidental (service)
Rosa Mexicano
Taberna del Alabardero

Having done that, I'd like to post a question for the board. Here are some more restaurants that are extending their Restaurant Week prices. Which of the three above categories should they be placed in? Let me know, and I'll edit this post appropriately.

Jaleo - Jan. 27
Urbana - Jan. 27
Oyamel - Jan. 28
Dino - Jan. 31
Farrah Olivia - Jan. 31
Il Mulino - Jan. 31
Mio - Jan. 31
Oya - Jan. 31
Tabaq Bistro - Jan. 31
Posh - Feb. 2

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  1. Clearly people are going to disagree but I would never put Butterfield 9 on the avoid list. I've had multiple RW experiences there and it's always been great....service and otherwise. The only complaints I've seen this year is a slightly limited menu but they still offer up 4 entrees which is more then places like Taberna offer. Just my 2 cents.

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    1. re: Elyssa

      I wholeheartedly agree. We went to Butterfield 9 tonight for RW and we had a fantastic meal AND service. I saw enough people on the last thread who agreed that I think it should be knocked off the "avoid" list.

      1. re: ryzaroo

        I agree as well - I went there last week and the service was excellent, as well as the food.

        1. re: ALLex16

          And I would avoid Willow -- I went there Nov 11th and it was horrible.
          Now, that might be just because I'm used to great food and have high standards, but for the prices they charge, the quality is not equal.

    2. Did you mean for this to be a complete list of RW participants? If so, you're missing quite a number of them, including those who are extending. If not... can you help me with the criteria you're using?

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      1. re: chinkleDC

        I took the list from an old, quite good discussion on DC Restaurant week:

        My additions at the end of the list were from a DC Foodies discussion, in which someone had come up with a list of various restaurants extending their Restaurant week price specials:

        I'd be glad to adjust the above list in any way that the consensus develops, including adding restaurants or changing their rankings. Personally, I can't claim to have eaten at all of these restaurants; in fact, I was looking at these forums to get ideas about which restaurant to try. Mostly, I'd like to know peoples' opinions on the rest of the restaurants that have extended their specials, because many of the top restaurants are already booked solid for this week.

        1. re: cchaffee

          If you take from a post from last year, this can't be fully reliable as things (i.e. chefs, menus, etc.) change.

      2. Did you eat at Indebleu for RW? Can you please provide a review here or post to a previous thread here:
        Curious to hear comments on the new chef, and RW menu does look appealing but haven't read any feedback thus far.

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        1. re: KWynn

          The link above didn't work for me--probably because it has now been a few months. We just went to Indebleu two weeks ago with some friends and were very disappointed. Wish I had written in sooner when I remembered more of what we ordered but I still wanted to steer people away from this place who are looking for either good Indian (lots of better options as well detailed on this board) or fusion. We heard the new chef had been sous chef at another, more heralded DC eatery (forgetting which one) and, by all accounts, he/they are still trying to figure out what they want to be. No naan. Very uninspired appetizers and generally overpriced, very mediocre food. Disappointing. We should have known since it was our 6th choice for dinner after our first five couldn't accomodate a same day request on a Saturday. And, it was mostly empty at 8pm when we were there.

        2. Colvin Run closed. The old head chef is back at Kinkead's, I thought.

          1. We went to Oceanaire last night after all the great RW reviews. It wasn't a great experience. First they seated us in what must be their small events room that they must not always use at this tiny table in the corner, which later they couldn't even fit all of our food on. The menu was so boring and small we ended up eating off the regular menu. For starters the choice was regular salad, ceaser salad or clam chowder (which is good, but I have had it at so many events). I can't remember exactly what the entree choices were, but there were only three I know one was mahi-mahi (so boring available anywhere with no unique preperation and one was small scallops forget where they were from with red wine reduction (with no side) and I forget the third, but it wasn't crabcakes. With all their fresh fish and huge portions you would think they could have offered some of their fresh offerings for the day, or some appetizers or sides as first courses. So anyway we ordered off the regular menu since we would have to order sides anyway so it would have been about the same price. The potatoes au gratin were just some quartered potatoes toped with tons of cheese, not potatoes au gratin, the steamed broccoli was good, huge portion, but it was just steamed broccoli.

            I hope other people had a better experience. I would add this to the avoid list unless they change the menu next year. The fish I offered off the regular fresh menu was good, BF thought his wasn't great, so we probably won't be going back unless with his parents who seem to love the place, but they aren't hounds...