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Jan 16, 2008 01:28 PM

Hank's Haute Dogs - New Hours!

Yahoo!!!!!! Hank's will be open on Mondays starting this Monday January 21st! AND - good
news - his onolicious, fabulous authentic Italian Beef Sandwich will be a Monday special.
I was over there yesterday and it was just hopping with happy customers. The hibiscus lemonade was just the quenching I needed on the way to Costco. If you've not tried his beef sandwich now is your chance!

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  1. Stopped by the other day after reading all the great reviews about this place... just around the corner from CompUSA/Crazy Mike's furniture place. Lured by the fresh mango relish, tried the chicken dog with sides of the fries and onion rings. The twice-fried fries were totally forgettable and though the onion ring batter was super crisp, it was a bit too oily. The dog, on the other hand.... the natural casing makes all the difference! Had a nice snap to it and the mango relish was a perfect compliment. My SO had the Portuegese dog and that was onolicious too.
    My only qualms with the hot dogs were that the buns were a bit too soft and got mushy with the condiments a bit too quickly. I wonder if they would be willing to toast 'em up a little bit before serving it?

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        Sorry, sometimes we forget this is "Elsewhere in America" and there are often new visitors to this forum who haven't been following along. Hank's is in Honolulu, Hawaii.