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Organic/Natural Cola?

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Does anyone know if such a thing is available in Toronto?

I don't really care if it's organic, mostly looking for a (relatively) short and pronounceable ingredient list and no HFCS.

EDIT: Also, I prefer aluminum cans to glass bottles - though that might be a tougher find.


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  1. Boylan's Naturals and Jones. You can find both in Toronto. Good bets to find one or both would be at the Big Carrot, Whole Foods, Pusateri's, Bruno's.



    1. I don't know where you live in the city but The Big Carrot has a whole selection of Organic Cola.

      1. Organic pop @ loblaws on St Clair

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          Blue Sky brand is available at the Carrot and Whole Foods, the cola is okay - but their other flavors are quite good.