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Jul 6, 2001 03:12 AM

Tsukasa Sushi

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Anyone know (esp. Tom) what kind of exotic seafood is seasonal for the summertime here? I know ankimo (monkfish liver) is more limited to the fall to spring time. Also, what are there names in Japanese and English?

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  1. C'mon, LA hounds....some of our sushi people must have an answer for Kevin!

    1. I was just there on Sunday. The oddest thing in right now is called (jap) Ho-ya, sea pineapple. I have no idea what kind of beast it is, it has a long elliptical shell and they take the mollusk-like meat out and serve it sashimi in a cylindrical bowl. It tastes like a delicate clam with a bitter and sour aftertaste. It's very unusual.