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Jan 16, 2008 12:55 PM

London late-night desserts?

My sister is coming into town for her birthday, and I'm looking for a delicious place to celebrate with desserts/puddings after an evening at the theatre. Where can I find good late-night desserts?

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  1. Ok this is probably a terribly touristy response as I've only just moved to London - but Haagen Daaz in Leicester Square does an amazing chocolate fondue - you get all icecream, cookie, brownie and fruit to dip. It is just really great fun - and near the west end if that's where you are heading.

    1. Late night dining in London is a disappointing, sad affair. Your best bet is to look for something in Soho, where there are a number of late night spots. There are a few well-known places whose primary virtue is that they are open late, not that they are outstanding: Cafe Boheme (apparently closed till March 2008), Bar Italia, Balans... I am told that Floridita serves food till 2-3 am. Cafe des Amis (du Vin) has a downstairs bar open till 1 am. I don't know if they serve dessert, but you could call to check. I hoping someone else will post a more inventive reply as this will solve of one my major problems in London as well. Cheers, BB

      1. If you have completely bottomless pockets the Bar at Claridge's serves food pretty late, and does a lovely dessert bento amongst others. I imagine some other top hotels will do late desserts too.

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          Indeed, I should have thought of this! But let me go one better: take out a room at Claridge's and then order room service! ;-) BB

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            A few suggestions for you. Not exactly the classiest of places, but all fun in their own way and all serving dessert...

            Tinseltown - legendary milkshakes and a good dessert menu. Open 24 hours.

            All Star Lanes - 50s themed bowling alley and bar / diner in Bloomsbury with a very enticing dessert menu.

            Eagle Bar Diner - just off Tottenham Court Road (Soho end), open until 1am Thurs-Sat. New York-style desserts and wonderful milkshakes and cocktails.

            None of the above are for fine dining, but if you need a late night brownie - you could do a lot worse.

        2. I just finished having post-theatre dessert at Axis at One Aldwych. Depending on what you're seeing, it could be very local. They had no problem accomodating walk ins, and we were explicit we just wanted dessert which was no problem. We sat in the bar area, and had a cocktail, coffee and a beautifully plated dessert. They also bring out chocolate truffles or the like.

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