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Jan 16, 2008 12:47 PM

30th Birthday Dinner and after....

So, it's a 30th Birthday dinner and the girls are looking for a really cool and trendy atmosphere with really good food for dinner- We're probably going to be driving around in a limo and would love recs for an after dinner cocktail establishment also- it will be on a saturday night ...

Thanks in advance for your help!!!!

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  1. Any idea what neighborhoods are you looking for? Cuisine? Price range? And finally -- how many people are you talking about? That matters a lot.

    For a birthday outing I'm a fan of Cuchi Cuchi which is really fun - though if you're doing the limo thing you might want something a little more classy.

    I also like Toro a lot for this kind of thing, though getting a table can be hell since they don't take reservations. You could try Sage, the Beehive, or Oishii in the South End for a fairly good combo of hip and good food and atmosphere.

    In terms of drinks, if you're in downtown Boston try the City Bar in the Lenox Hotel - good cocktails and hip atmosphere. Some folks would recommend 28 Degrees for drinks as well, but I'm not a huge fan of the place; the drinks are better than the food to be sure.

    1. Beehive, 28 Degrees or Toro. All in the south end.

      1. I had my 30th at Eastern Standard with 6 people. We never made it for after dinner cocktails as we had too many before and during dinner cocktails.

        Tasca in Brighton is always one of my favorites for birthdays, also. Great sangria, great food, fun atmosphere, and tapas means everyone can get what they want. Although I suppose that would extend to any small plate establishment. I'm just partial to Tasca.

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          I would have recommended Eastern Standard too, but I recommend it in all of my other Chowhound posts, so thought I would try to change my tune a little :-)

        2. Toro, Gaslight or Beehive might be the right environment for dinner. Stella, Union, Pho Republique, and Via Matte are fun for drinks. You could always go to Whiskey Park or Saint after.

          1. Avoid Beehive like the plague. It is by no means cool and trendy. If you want to go to the South End I would recommend Toro, Rocca, or Gaslight for dinner, then 28 Degrees and Stella for drinks after. 28 closes at 1, so head to Stella for last call until 2.