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Jul 5, 2001 10:04 PM

HMS Bounty -- good grub or just for drinks?

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Went back to this bar underneath the Gaylord building on Wilshire for the first time in almost ten yrs. Same great ole time atmo. But surprised to see how popular it had become. Also surprised to see so many people eating. So the question is: how's the food? Anyone know if it's a good place to grab a burger or a meat pie or some such? Or should it be strictly drinks-only? Thanks. Rafi

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  1. It's a great bar. Food that I tried was lousy, though.

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    1. re: S/Z

      Thanks for the report.

      But I'm curious about your semiotic analysis of the place as well. Or is S/Z merely a tease, and you are not actually Roland Barthes resurrected as an American chowhound?

      (aka smile signfier)

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      Vanessa On The Town

      As usual we've been to the same places. Love The Bounty for drinks. Only had food there once, fish and chips. It was pretty average, pub style. Semi greasy, but that's the way it's supposed to be, I suppose. I've definitely had better, but I shouldn't be eating that fried stuff anyway. I wouldn't plan a dinner there. Have you tried Taylor's steakhouse? I hear it's great. It's on my list. Traditional, old school steakhouse. Haven't eaten there, but the martini's are tasty.

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        Okay, so it's steaks and martinis at Taylors, then after dinner drinks at the Bounty. Hope I'm not driving... Yes, I've been to Taylors -- not as great as Musso's, IMO, but pretty good, and a comparitive bargain. (Excellent old waitress who once thought my friend was ordering "roughy", the fish, when he was really saying "Rafi", my name...)

      2. after years boozing it up at the bounty, i ordered food for the first time on saturday night. i can't vouch for the entire menu (which does feature such charming anachronisms as sand dabs and a monte cristo sandwich), but the burger was surprisingly GREAT...far better than your standard bar food.