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Jan 16, 2008 12:14 PM

Mulberry St. report

My mother and I are New York pizza lovers, so based on the Mulberry St. recs here, we had lunch at the Encino location on Monday. The pizza is certainly New York style, but is so over-salted, we could barely eat it. I took the leftovers home to my husband, who likes food much saltier than I; he agrees. We won't go back. My mother will go to any Chowish place I recommend, so I hope my reputation isn't destroyed forever.

I'm sticking with Slice of New York in Seal Beach near home and D'Amore's in Reseda near Mom's.

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  1. You probably have to drive down to SM for Joe's or to La Cienaga for Vito's. Personally, I could live with Mulberry if it was half the price.

    1. Eaten many times in that Encino Mulberry St., and never, repeat never, had problems with salt! In fact, their white pizza is very fine pizza, and everything is quite fresh, assuming you are going during meal periods as opposed to off hours, which you said you were.

      1. Sorry you had a bad experience. I have found Mulberry Encino to be reliably good pizza that I would return for. Also recommend Joe's in Santa Monica. Have not tried Vito's.

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          I have tried Vito's, Mulberry, and Joe's IMHO I think you can't beat Vito's. It's the best pie I've had in 20 years.