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Jan 16, 2008 12:06 PM

Delivery (Lunch) in White Plains

I work in White Plains in one of the office parks on Westchester Ave. near the 684/287 interchange. We always order La Mangiara for lunch (when we order) which is solid for pizza, but I am sick of it. Give me as many ideas for delivery lunches as you can - straight down to mediocre - I just need some new choices.


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  1. Hi...try Hong Kong Chef at 470 Mamaroneck Avenue...if you like Chinese food. The food is very good. They have lunch specials and deliver (min. order $10.00) 914-948-8045. I have been told they also have Vietnamese food...I think you have to ask for the menu. There is also a small Japanese take-out place (that is quite good) in the Borders Mall...but no delivery. I also order Italian food from Magnotta's Pizzeria, 192 Maple Ave
    White Plains, NY 10605 (914) 761-8661. Also Ernesto's Italian Restaurant, 130 W Post Rd, White Plains, NY Tel: (914) 421-1414. Both deliver.

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      I find Season's Japanese restaurant on Mamaroneck much better than the place in the Border's mall. Comparably priced lunch specials get you two rolls at Seasons, but only one at the other. I also like Abatino's. I just tried Nonna's pizza on Lake and they do a great pan pizza. Bao's is the best American-style Chinese that I've tried, plus Aberdeen (prob. more authentic) only delivers for dinner, and then there is a high minimum $ requirement. I'll try Hong Kong Chef, though.

      I'm probably forgetting some. Good luck!

    2. Here's another very good take-out Italian restaurant - Abatino's in North White Plains - Ernesto's and Abatino's are 2 really good ones.

      1. My new favorite mexican place delivers:

        Sunshine Deli (La Picara)
        31 Lake St.
        White Plains, NY 10603

        Great asada tacos, al pastor tacos, cochinita pibil tacos, albondigas (mexican meatballs), good carnitas tacos, decent huaraches, etc. It's pretty authentic, so don't expect americanized stuff, but man it's good. I can't, however, vouch for how well it travels, as I've always just eaten on site.

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          Is Kisco Deli still there? I second Bao's.

        2. Have you tried Waiter on the Run? They deliver from a lot of local places that can't afford to have a delivery staff on hand...

          1. Thanks for the great ideas so far.