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Jan 16, 2008 11:53 AM

Any Birthday Dinner Suggestions?

On the Sunday of my bday weekend we are having dinner with the folks and my sis (her bday is this Fri. and mine in 2 weeks) so, I picked Bashan since huge TM's on a Sunday can make Monday's a drag and I have been wanting to try it anyway... so that leaves Fri. and Sat. Need a good (but not crazy expensive option) for Friday night (probably 3 couples) and open to anything for Sat. (me & hubby) that won't kill me when sandwiched with the other 2 dine-outs (too much of a good thing can sometimes be just that). Would like a nice variety - prefer a vairety of flavors and atmospheres. Was thinking maybe Ortolan for Sat. if A) I can get a rez and B) you don't think it will completely kill going to Bashan on Sun. OH! BYOB/corkage preferred but not mandatory.

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  1. I just had my Birthday dinner at Ortolan and it was fantastic. If you do the tasting menu, it will be $125/person without wine. We did a la carte dining due to the presence of a couple of picky eaters and, with a bottle of N.V. champagne and a couple of glasses of wine, it came out to about $100/person before tax and tip. For my part of the dinner, I had the caviar egg cooked in ash to start, followed by the lobster three ways (parmentier, roasted with quince & chestnut, and tempuraed) and a chocolate-pear tart for the birthday cake. Everyone loved their meals. Service was a tad slow but there were several other large parties competing for kitchen and server time--as a duo, it should be less of a problem for you.

    For Friday night, what about All'Angelo, Fraiche or the new Melograno?

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      I'm going to try and get a rez for Sat at Ortolan - everything I hear makes my mouth water. Thanks for the reply. Do you happen to know how many courses their TM is? (just curious)

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        You will probably enjoy this recent photo review by Kevin H:

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          I'll go you one better, here is the link to the tasting menu itself:

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            Thanks fellow chows!
            Made the reservation yesterday....looks great! Still open to suggestions for Friday...

      2. FYI: Ortolan was fabulous - exceeded my expectations! See
        (The tab at Ortalon exceeded $200/pp by the end of the evening but it was worth it!)

        1. I had my birthday party at the Melograno, and I loved it! My friends and I felt like home, laughing all night long, except that food was unbelieveble!

          1. One Friday night option might be Table 8 for the Feb. tasting menu (assuming your birthday is this month). It was originally the Dine Out LA tasting menu, and got reviewed several times on this board under that description, but it's extended through the month. 4 options for appetizer (a truffled chestnut soup, boucheron with mushrooms (excellent), prawns with broccoli (very yummy) and something else salad-like I cant remember), 4 options for entrees (short rib (was fantastic, soft, flavorful), duck with lentils (very tender and flavorful but I wasn't as crazy about it as my dining partner was), salmon, and another type of fish that currently escapes me), 3 for dessert (tres leches, a decadent and wonderful warm chocolate cake with dulce de leche, and a vanilla panna cotta). As a bonus, they have an inexpensive wine pairing and the cocktails there are fantastic.

            Happy birthday!