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Jan 16, 2008 11:29 AM

Ladies Night Out, Providence & vicinity

Some friends of mine and I are looking for a nice place to go for a rare night out. We're all moms in our 30s, and definitely don't want to feel like the "old ladies" (I think that rules out Ten Prime). Something with great food (probably appetizers) and great drinks. We usually end up at Zooma but would like to try something different, although probably similar price range . It will be on a Thursday night, and there will probably be about 8 of us.
Any suggestions?

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  1. It definitely does not rule out Ten Prime. Were you going to hang at the bar or get a table? If a table, I say that doesn't rule anyplace out. Siena is great but can get very noisy - are you hoping to have good conversation or are you okay w/noise?

    1. I like 10 Steak and Sushi and I'm in my 30s. I don't usually feel too old there. I sit at the bar.

      Big Fish use to have a nice appetizer list and unique drink list. I haven't been there in about a year and I'm not sure what is happening with the change over to the barbeque place.

      Blaze on Thayer - I haven't been at night, but did have a decent lunch there this weekend. There were several drinks that were intriguing on the drink menu and I thought the appetizer selection was decent.

      1. I was, of course, going to recommend Zooma. :)

        I've found Olives to have a slightly more, ahem, mature crowd. You definitely wouldn't feel out of place, as 30-somethings are the norm. I've never eaten there, but the 100 or so "martini cocktails" can be fun. There's dancing almost every night, to the best of my knowledge.

        1. I think there are very few places you'd actually WANT to go, where you'd feel "old". I'm exiting the 30s this year and I do know what you mean about having small kids and maybe not getting out enough, and not lookind like a bunch of Ladies having a Night Out. I'm involved w/a book club, and we're similarly aged and we hit a different (or sometimes the same, as we get settled into certain places, and staying in the neighborhood, etc.) restaurant every month.

          Great food and well made drinks are key. I've also been dieting at times, and I can remember in detail where the best entree salads were (like the one from Viola's, may it rest in peace, and the seared tuna salad at Z Bar). We often end up at Pizzico, where the service is great and we're just as at home w/a party of 4 or 8. CAV was also great for us, we love that big, back booth at Haruki...and Parkside is a favorite as well.

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            I'd second Parkside. Good place for a larger group. The food's nothing super exciting, but the price point is in line with Zooma. XO is another option. It's less of a scene than 10 Prime and they mix a good drink.

            1. re: frobb

              I agree with Parkside, but XO is in a completely different price category than Zooma, especially now that it's a steak joint. Last time I was there, we dropped over $400 for two (granted there was some decent wine involved, but still).

              1. re: frobb

                IME, the food at Parkside is better than Zooma's.

                1. re: JaneRI

                  Thanks for all the great suggestions. I hadn't thought of Parkside, that's a great recommendation! We may have to try that.

                  L'attitudes, on Broad Street in Cranston, is also one of our stand-bys. We're there so much though we'd like to find someplace new. (L'attitudes has great appetizers and good drinks, and is in our neighborhood).

            2. We had a surprisingly great ladies night out at Blue Elephant on Wickenden last week. Food was great, fit a wide range of tastes and budgets, BYOB limits to beer and wine but we had fun with a lot of different wines, and loved the jewelry sale! I would not have expected it would have worked well for a girls' night out but it was awesome and we're thinking about going back soon for more.

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                I like Blue Elephant - I've only been once but will definitely go back. I signed up to get a weekly e-mail w/their dinner specials. They only have 4 dinner entrees that change weekly, but you can still order all or at least part of the lunch menu (burgers, quesadillas, etc)....they also have usually a soup and a salad or two, so it doesn't feel too limiting.

                They have a huge assortment of cute costume jewelry for sale, at more-than-reasonable prices.