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Absolute killer dip recipes?

As part of the run-up to the Super Bowl we're having the second annual dip-off at work. We'll bring our dips, and there will be a blind taste test. I want to win this year. I need a recipe that's a guaranteed show-stopper. And it has to be something that I can make in advance and transport by subway. Ideas???

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  1. Look Up Ina Garten's Pan Fried Onion Dip (you know, barefoot contessa). It is supposed to be fantastic.

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      I second the pan fried onion dip WOW!!!

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        Thanks, kkbriggs. Several of those sound good. But I need something with a real "wow" factor. A crab dip won last year. I'm not serving caviar but I need something with special ingredients. Stella, I have made something similar to that onion dip before, and I'm sure I'd love Ina's version. But an onion dip, even a great one, isn't going to stand out from the crowd. Last year I made a roasted red pepper and feta dip that I thought was yummy but I came in third or fourth or something.

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          Would you mind sharing your recipe with us? Love feta!

      2. I have improvised a "bacon-wrapped scallop" dip. I mix crumbled cooked bacon and raw chopped scallops into cream cheese, with old bay, some lemon, salt, pepper to taste. Then, I bake until it is all bubbly so the scallops are cooked. It's really good. I can't give you a definite recipe, since I just kind of do it, but there isn't much science to mixing three delicious ingredients.

          1. I'm thinking something on the lines of a chicken peanut sate dip -- kind of like chicken sate with peanut sauce except with the chicken already incorporated.

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              That sounds good, Miss Needle. Out of the ordinary. But would it be good cold? Or could I heat it up in the microwave? Same with the scallop and bacon dip mentioned above. I'm afraid microwaving it might make the scallops rubbery.

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                I picture this as a dip to be served warm. I have never made this -- it's just a figment of my imagination. I'm not a fan of microwaving. However, I think it will work with little detriment to the final product. I can definitely see microwaving altering the scallops, but chicken is OK.

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                  Interesting on the microwaving. I think I'd say to just undercook it a bit and finish the dip in the microwave. The scallops are in the dip already, so really stay pretty tasty. I've accidentally left it in the oven for a while and still been quite pleased. The pieces are little, almost blended in, so they're more about taste than texture.

              2. Not really a recipe, but this was a hit this holiday season.

                Mix in the food processor:
                About 8 oz. Gorganzola cheese (it was an inexpensive Italian import from Trader Joes) thinned with either cream or milk and/or cream cheese, a bit (1/2 oz.) of a quality brandy, some toasted pecans and golden raisins (about 1/4 cup ea.).

                1. This one is pretty unusual and has been *very* well received on two different occasions. The homemade crackers are good too. I've made this when I wanted to impress with something that wasn't incredibly unhealthy. This really fits the bill.

                  Moroccan Spiced Carrot Dip


                  1. How about a shrimp dip? Pulse cooked shrimp in the food processor, then add fresh tarragon, shallots, sour cream, mayo, scallions, a little worcestershire. It's very tasty and really fun served on a homemade potato "chip".

                    1. how bout this one:

                      WARM QUESO DIP:
                      2 tbsp olive oil
                      1 lb sliced mushrooms
                      2 roasted poblano chiles, seeded and cut into strips
                      1 lb shredded monterey jack cheese
                      --> heat oven to 350
                      -->saute mushrooms in oil.
                      -->combine mushrooms, chiles and cheese in baking dish (11x7) and bake 5-7 mins until melted. serve with tortilla chips.

                      1. Since the Packers will be playing in the Superbowl how about Cheesehead dip:

                        Cheesehead Dip
                        2 cups Mayo
                        1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
                        1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
                        1/2 cup sliced black olives
                        1/2 cup sliced green olives
                        1/2 cup chopped red onions
                        1 can of sliced mushrooms
                        1 cup chopped pepperoni
                        Mix together and bake in a 350 degree oven for 25-30 min. or until bubbly.
                        Serve with tortilla chips, pita chip , corn chips or whatever you like.

                        1. people also devour this one when i make it:

                          BIG BOWL CHEESE DIP:
                          1/2 cup diced onion
                          1 cup beer
                          -->boil these in micro or on stove until onions are softened
                          -->mix together:
                          2 cups cheddar shredded
                          2 cups pepper jack shredded ( i use any taco or nacho blend in the bags)
                          2 tbsp flour
                          1 1/2 tsp taco seasoning
                          1-2 tbsp chipotle in adobo sauce
                          -->add above by handfuls into boiled beer mixture until all is melted and blended..then add 1 cup sour cream

                          I keep this one in a fondue pot and have served it with fritos scoops or potato skins (once did both blue and regular potatoes).. I change up the beer sometimes....and used guinness and served with guacamole (aka green) chips for a st. patrick's day party once.

                          if it's too thick, add a bit more sour cream or beer.

                          This transports great in a ziploc container,...and easily reheats in the micro and popped into the fondue pot.

                          1. Hot Reuben Dip

                            8 oz cream cheese
                            1/2 cup sour cream
                            2 T Helman's mayo
                            2 T thousand island dressing *
                            1 T ketchup *
                            1 T Dijon mustard
                            2 t finely minced onion *
                            1 cup sauerkraut, rinsed and drained (and chopped a little, if necessaary)
                            1/2 pound (or more) deli corned beef, chopped fine
                            1 cup Swiss cheese, grated

                            Mix all ingredients. Bake at 350 in ungreased 8X8 or 9X9 pan, or two 2-cup ramekins, covered with foil for 30 minutes. Remove foil and bake an additional 5 minutes, or until bubbly and browning.

                            Serve with rye crackers, rye melba toasts, or toasted rye bread pieces.

                            * I use Heinz chili sauce in place of thousand island and ketchup
                            * I also use more minced onion, up to a quarter cup

                            Notes: I have used leftover corned beef, but the deli stuff is so much better for this recipe. I up it to 3/4 pound.

                            I've always served this hot out of the oven, but it's still great as it cools to room temp. I'd chance reheating it in the micro at work. Heat, stir, heat, stir.

                            Good luck! Please come back and crow if you win this year, Karen!

                            1. I make a parmesan artichoke pesto dip that gets raves from my friends. Sometimes I add crab or shrimp to make it a little heartier. It's made w/ sour cream, mayonnaise, pesto, parmesan cheese, chopped artichoke hearts, grated onion, chopped parsley, lemon juice, and worcestershire sauce.

                              1. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

                                made this in the summer from fresh roasted, i plan on making it for the superbowl as well! good luck!

                                1. Three excellent dip recipes:
                                  Beer Dip
                                  2(8 oz.) cream cheese, softened
                                  1(1oz.) package Hidden Valley Ranch dry dressing mix
                                  2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
                                  1/3 cup beer
                                  Combine cream cheese and dressing mix. Stir in cheese, then beer. The mixture will appear mushy.Cover bowl, and refrigerate at least 3 hours, or overnight. If you do not have time to refrigerate, just add less beer. You may need to add more beer to thin out if you do refrigerate it at a later point. Serve with mini pretzels.

                                  Chili Cheese Dip
                                  1 lb. hamburger
                                  1 1/4 lb. Velvetta, cut into small pieces
                                  1 can Hormel chili, NO beans
                                  1 10 oz. can Rotel tomatoes with chilies
                                  2tsp. worchestershire sauce
                                  1 tsp. chili powder
                                  Brown hamburger and drain. Add rest of ingredients and stir. Cook over low heat until cheese is melted and it is thick. Serve with tortilla chips of Frito scoops. (You can adjust the amount of chili and chili powder to taste.

                                  Portside Cheese Dip
                                  4 packages cream cheese, softened
                                  6 oz. cheddar cheese spread (found in the refrigerated section, in a plastic tub)
                                  1/4 cup milk
                                  1/4 cup parmesan cheese
                                  3/4 tsp. garlic powder
                                  3/4 tsp. beef base (NOT powder or cubes!)
                                  3/4 tsp. worchestershire sauce

                                  Mix together in order until smooth. Refrigerate to harden and serve with warm, soft breadsticks! DELISH!!!!!!!!!!
                                  Note: this recipe comes from the Portside Inn restaurant here in Marquette Michigan (the U.P.) and is famous for their breadsticks and this dip!!!

                                  1. Here is a recipe for Wild Mushroom Spread from Cooking Light that I have used at every gathering since it was published. It is always a hit, and could be transformed into a dip pretty easily by adding sour cream and/or mayo. I substitute Madeira for Sherry.


                                    Good Luck!!

                                    1. Any oyster lovers in the office? Poach a pint of shucked oysters, Willapoint or equivalent, in its liquor with a couple pats of butter. Remove oysters after 3-4 minutes and spread on a plate. As you continue to reduce the liquid, mince the oysters fairly finely with knife and fork. Pour the reduction, by now not very runny, over the plate and put in in the freezer 10 minutes. Then mix with 10 ounces whipped cream cheese and a couple splashes of Worchestershire. Chill a bit. Works with dip-size Fritos, but to win your contest, go with Melba toast or a similar more-regal cracker.
                                      Garnish with a few small capers and lemon zest.