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Thoughts on Brasserie Jo?

We've got a group of 7 women who would like to have a last-minute dinner in Boston on Sat night........one thought Pops would be a good idea but they are booked, as are many good spots. Brasserie Jo seems to have availability; I haven't been in years but I seem to recall some good overall thoughts on the place here at chowhound. Can anyone confirm or deny based on recent experiences? Also, any thoughts on spots that might be worth checking out that we could actually get into --with reservations? Thanks.

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  1. I was there about a year ago and had a lovely meal. It was relaxed and unrushed, the wait staff was great and I especially enjoyed ending the meal with their cheese selection.

    1. The "pommes dauphines" are fantastic. I believe is it pate a choux mixed with mashed potato then fried. They are fantastic and something you dont find everywhere. I reccomend that you order a kir as well.

      1. I have consistently good experiences at Brasserie Jo. It delivers exactly what I expect - great brasserie food with impeccable service.

        1. I am also a very big fan of the place. I have honestly never eaten anything that wasn't delicious there. I've had crappy service but only once or twice.

          1. Add me to the fan club. I don't go often but I always enjoy it. Had the onion soup and croque monsieur recently and have had steak tartare in the past.

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            1. We like this spot. If you're a burger fan, their's is better than good. Has a nice atmosphere for before or after the theater. Wine list is very serviceable. Good by the glass selection. It's a good choice.

              1. This is my and my husband's (a frenchman) favorite French restaurant in Boston (I know this is a controversial statement and we have not tried every place). The service has been great every time regardless of the size of our party. The coq au vin is excellent. Also, they have great aperitifs and a house beer that is very good.

                1. BJ is one of my longtime favorites. I could make a meal on the carrots and bread they serve before the meal. Solid brasserie fare for fair prices.

                  1. I would have whole-heartedly agreed with all the positive comments except that the last time I was there (early December) they let me down: food was not up to par, nor was service. OTOH, it was Sunday lunch and I believe that in most places you get the B team for Sunday lunch, as the A team all works Saturday night. Certainly a dinner there in November was just as good as it has always been. If you end up going there please let us know how it was. I would love to think my lunch experience was an abberation, as I have always really liked Brasserie Jo.

                    1. I'm with the general consensus: straight, unpretentious bistro fare, relaxed atmosphere. I don't know that it would ever be my favorite restaurant in Boston, but it's a solid place.

                      1. Breakfast is really solid, too. The croque madame is excellent, and service has been great the few times we've been. Good hollandaise, too.

                        1. nice restaurant--order the seafood in parchment. Good bartenders mix a nice martini and if you go after work there are free Alsatian pizzas.

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                            I've always had a good experience there. Love their skate, and it's one of the few places I know that offer it as a regular menu item.

                          2. I'm heading to Brasserie Jo for dinner later this week, and I'm intrigued by the mussels steamed in Riesling. I love mussels, but have never had them prepared with Riesling. Has anyone had this dish at BJ? I must admit that my last experience here was a tad disappointing...I had lamb steak that was very overdone and tough, as was my DC's steak frite, so I'm considering other, potentially safer, options.

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                              ziggles - I had the mussels last month. Here is what I wrote at that time:

                              The mussels were cooked in Riesling wine with cream, and served in a cast iron pot which kept the mussels hot during the whole meal. The cream sauce was so tasty that I had to ask for a soup spoon to drink some of that juice! The pomme frites, OTOH, were less than stellar. I ate about half of what was offered.

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                                Thanks! The mussels themselves sound wonderful...maybe I'll get those as an appetizer, as I also remember underwhelmed by the pomme frites.