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Jan 16, 2008 11:02 AM

Old City Fri night drinks recs??

I'm looking for a first date venue in Old City. Just for cocktails. Someplace trendy, attractive atmosphere, lively while allowing conversation.

Any suggestions? New additions especially!!

Thanks for your help!!

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  1. There aren't a lot of places in Old City where you can actually have a conversation! Maybe Tangerine? I went into Positano Coast last weekend for a quick drink before catching a movie at the Ritz and their bar was beautiful. It wasn't too loud, very attractive, good atmosphere, lively but not the usual Old City crowd.

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    1. re: Alissavlad

      I'd second both Tangerine and Positano Coast as a great spot for first date cocktails. Depending on what you're going for, Tangerine is a bit more sexy, Positano Coast is more casually romantic.

      1. re: jessicheese

        ..I am looking for more of the sexy/'old city' vibe than the casually romantic. (thanks btw!)

        1. re: michael

          Best spot to go is the Continental. It's alway packed with good looking people. Swanky Bubbles also has a smooth vibe (for drinks only). The bar is inside Amada is really nice and gets a good crowd while folks wait for their tables. Panarama/Dolce doesn't get busy til after 10pm. Red Sky is hit or miss. The place that use to be Suede looks cool but it is always pretty quiet in there. I don't know know how they are going to make it.

        2. re: jessicheese

          i would heartily second tangerine and positano coast, but the "old city scene" is not really my scene - these are the only two i can remotely stand to sip a few drinks in; both are places where you can actually hear yourself think. both have great wine lists and (IMHO) are romantic. panorama is nice as well but not too terribly trendy.

          i felt way out of place in swanky bubbles, but right at home in the society hill hotel bar, or pagoda noodle house's bar. cuba libre's drinks kinda suck and the staff REALLY sucks. if a south beachy super cool trendy vibe is what you're going for, swanky bubbles is it all the way. i am just not too sure about eating there.

          is franklin fountain too kitchy? i always thought that was the perfect date spot.

      2. Il Bar in Panorama restaurant does some great wine flights on Friday night. Positano Coast has great homemade lemon drops.

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        1. re: jl0328

          it's not old city, but I'd recommend Shouk on 6th and Bainbridge. very sexy and cozy, paricularly upstairs. Otherwise I agree with Positano Coast and perhaps add Cuba Libre?

        2. What night and time are you talking here? I'd also recommend Tangerine & Positano. If you're not going during "Old City rush hour" - i.e. late on a Friday/Saturday, I'd also recommend Cuba Libre, Plough & the Stars and Bleu Martini- otherwise, these 3 get packed.

          1. Any other recs that fit the bill? (including Rittenhouse) Anything new on the scene here?

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            1. re: michael

              Jose Pistolas for casual, great beers. Stripped Bass has a great bar too. Top notch.