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Jul 4, 2001 09:41 AM

Good Gazpacho??

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Had some decent Gazpacho last night at Daily Grill. Wondering if anyone has can recommend other places that serve it.

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  1. Less chunky than gazpacho but absolutely fabulous is Lunaria's cold tomato soup -- one of the best in town.

    For take-out I sometimes get Gelson's (Century City) gazpacho from the deli. It's not a 10 (maybe an 8 or a 9) but I enjoy it, and it's just $5/lb and convenient to buy while shopping.

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    1. re: Kara Elise

      The Spanish Lady who has a stall at the Sunday Hollywood Farmer's Market (Mami, I think, is her name) sometimes sells fine gazapcho as well as her paella which is also good. I understand she's a caterer and have thought about using her.

      1. re: roger simon
        Antoinette Pye

        By "gazapcho" I assume you are referring to the gazpacho variant created in the kitchen of El Bulli?

        1. re: Antoinette Pye
          Mike Kilgore

          Would that be "El Woolli Bulli"?

        2. re: roger simon
          ernie wright

          She's also a purveyor of fine Pazgacho, Hapgazcho and Opzachga.

          1. re: roger simon

            Hmmm, I've eaten the paella at the Spanish lady's stall at the Hollywood farmer's market on Sunday and didn't like it at all. Remember La Masia? I have their recipe. Yummy.

        3. I have even had Andalusian gazpacho (which is pureed, not chunky) and still LOVE the gazpacho at the Vienna Cafe on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood. I have been going there for 10 years and have converted many gazpacho-wary friends into aficionados. The price of a big bowl is about $4, or have it paired with one of their great salads (my fav-the Napa) for about $8. This place is a little cafe with a breakfast menu served all day with salads, sandwiches, and fresh pastries in the noontime hour. I would be remiss not to mention the patio tables with great potential for people watching in the heart of Melrose...