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Jan 16, 2008 10:40 AM

Boston Shaker and Other Bar Supplies in Durham, NC

I left all my barware at home and need to pick up some new stuff. I know Crate and Barrel has your basic bar set, and William Sonoma has your overpriced bar set ($50 for a Boston shaker), but I'm looking for somewhere that offers both quality and decent prices. That means places like Target or TJ Maxx/HomeGoods are out. Any ideas here?

Looking for a Boston shaker, couple jiggers, long bar spoon, nice ice bucket. I'm cool with a set if the quality and price are right. Am I just better off ordering online.

Thanks for the help.

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  1. How about World market or Pier One? Even Target, these days...

    also, you could do well at Morgan Imports in Brightleaf?

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    1. re: TSQ75

      World Market really disappointed me this evening. They had a Boston shaker on display, the only in the store, but without a price tag. The manager on duty refused to sell it to me. I tried making reasonable offers but she wouldn't even consider it or look up comparable items. Last time I checked when the customer wants to buy an item on display, that's a good thing for the store. Really disappointing customer service.

      1. re: BryanZ

        that is disappointing!...i've always been so pleased with Third World market! bah!

    2. Those places like Bed Bath & Beyond and Linens & Things usually have them, and they have online stores that you can check them out on first, although I recommend purchasing in store. Although I have had success with online shopping on BB&B, L&T has terrible online service.

      I will second that Target carries them also.

      If you go to Southern Season for your bar mixers (which I would suggest in response to your other thread), they have a good selection of bar tools as well. They might be higher priced (and quality) than the other places though.

      1. I bought a Boston shaker at Marshalls for like $7.99 that is perfectly fine. It's made of stainless steel and glass. What other quality do you need? Southern Season has barware and a namebrand Boston shaker but it's like $50 also. I'd rather have 3 of the less expensive shakers than one expensive one so I don't have to keep rinsing it out every time I want to make a different cocktail.

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        1. re: bbqme

          Tempered glass is nice, but really I'm avoiding the SS and Williams Sonomas of the world because of the fact that they charge $50 for a Boston shaker. That's absurd. Nevertheless, I'm have a really difficult time finding one. Morgan didn't have. I'll go to Target later today. has pretty good prices (not sure about quality), but that's getting outside of the local scope of this board.

          Another disappointing experience at World Market today. Went back to speak to the store's general manager, explained the situation. Still refused to sell it to me. I asked what she was going to do with it. She said, "Maybe we'll have to throw it away." That's seriously the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

          On a much happier note, Everything but Grannie's Panties on Guess Rd. has great collection of vintage etched martini glasses and the like. Super cheap. Also picked up this vintage tarnished silver table crubmer for $3. Was very pleased. Picked up nearly a dozen glasses and the crumber for like $13 total. Good times.

          1. re: BryanZ

            I think that Linens & Things has a lot of bar stuff on sale right now...getting rid of Christmas gift-type stuff. And Pottery Barn did as well - just after Christmas...

            1. re: cackalackie

              LNT, PB, BBB, etc don't generally don' carry Boston shakers. Only three piece/cobbler type shakers.

              1. re: BryanZ

                This is kind of hit or miss, but I just realized that I got my Boston Shaker from the ABC store free with a bottle of Chopin vodka. Kind of hit or miss, but worth checking. The logo is only slightly noticeable (so much so that I forgot about it).

          2. Search for a restaurant supply company in the area. The closest one that I know is close to garner, but still, everything is super super cheap. Probably less than $10 for everything mentioned.

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            1. re: insectrights

              There's (at least) one in Raleigh, but I don't remember the name.

              1. re: eliah

                That would be United Restaurant Equipment on S. Saunders St. in Raleigh.

              2. re: insectrights

                there's a pretty good and well priced restaurant supply in the Lakewood Shopping Center where thriftworld is...

              3. Go check out the open stock ware at Southern Season. I've found lots of barware items that are stylish and can be quite reasonably priced.

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                1. re: Lucydevil

                  are cocktail shakers pretty much the same? Is there a certain brand that is better than others?

                  1. re: mrpotato

                    This risks veering off topic and you can read a lot about this online. For the most part, they are the same, though I prefer Boston shakers because they're more versatile than Cobbler/three-piece shakers. You want to look for a shaker that will give you a good seal and a glass that preferably tempered.