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Jan 16, 2008 10:39 AM

Is Trattoria Zero Otto Nove the best pizza in NY?

A friend just told me that he went to Trattoria Zero Otto Nove a couple of days ago and he know thinks this is the best pizza in NY. Even better than DiFara, Lucali's, Grimaldi's or Patsy's.

Has anyone been? I'm sure it's good since it's the owner of Roberto's, but the best?

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  1. Could not help but admire their wood burning domed oven yesterday. As the master chef is from Salerno, there is no doubt he understands the essence of pizza. The pasta I ate was a triumph: fusilli with chick-peas, shards of crunchy pancetta, tossed with grated pecorino, bread crumbs and parsley. As good as pizza gets, it cannot compare to such primi piatti.

    1. The best pizza in New York? That's a stretch....The ingredients are the finest but the crust has a lot to be desired. It's limp and tasteless and a good crust is what makes a great pizza. Have a pie from Mario's, across the street, and then you'll have the best pizza in the Bronx for sure and maybe in NY.

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        Had an excellent non-pizza lunch at 089 (escarole and pickled eggplant salad, mixed seafood grill) at fair prices. Interesting, fresh menu (next time: the escarole calzone) and what looked like very good pizze. I'd not be surprised if the crust, in contemporary Neapolitan and Salernitana fashion, were indeed more pliable than Mario's, which makes an equally emblematic New York/Neapolitan pizza, with a more "traditonal" crust. Either way...

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          Roberto's 089 crust is thin but flexible (great for folding, my preferred method of eating pizza) with a nice char - and doesn't lack for flavor. Ingredients are outstanding; the pie with smoked mozzarella, butternut squash, and pancetta is unusual and delicious. Much prefer it to Mario's (in fact, on a good day I prefer Full Moon's pizza to Mario's).

          FWIW, re Bruno187's post below, Roberto has been in regular attendance at the new place, striped pants and all, definitely acting like the owner.

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        1. As far as I know, Roberto doesn't own the place but his brother Tony does. Maybe I'm splitting hairs but not many people would know that the brother Tony actually opened Roberto's originally, then the brothers had a falling out and Roberto bought Tony out. The rest is history as they say.

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            Roberto has fallen out with both of his brothers. Both restaurants are now under his supervision, though.

          2. I maintain a list of my favorite pizzerias and I would classify this as a second tier place. It's not up there with Patsy's or Luzzo's or Una Pizza Napoletana or Johnny's (mt vernon), but it's pretty good. My guests didn't like it though. They are a tough crowd.