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Jan 16, 2008 10:17 AM

Italy's Best Lakehurst

I have heard mixed reviews on this place ..What is good and what not so good .Please help out ..

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  1. I answered my own question .I went to eat there front operation ..The crowd was very diverse some seniors dressed to the nines and others looked like the feel off the turnip truck ..The experence was very weak .I ordered a shrimp dish ,some of the shrimp had tails and other did not ..! The dinner bread was strips of what appeared to a deep dish pizza....On my pasta I ordered garlic and oil ..It very dry and tasted smokey.. The Bar was under stocked and the bar keep was quick to say we only order requested bottles for regular customer ..How can you be there regularly if they do not have your choice of boooze . interesting !!... I will go back Lugi's down the street ..they do carry my drink ..