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Jan 16, 2008 10:16 AM

Beef roast question

What is the best cut of meat for making pot roast in the crock pot? My local market yesterday had black angus beef roasts buy one get one free. I got an eye of round and a london broil, but don't know what to do with either. I've prepared many many pot roasts in my time in the crock pot, but do not believe I've prepared eye of round. I want a final product of a pot roast that can be shredded but not stringy.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I don't cook in a crock pot but I like a seven-bone roast or other chuck roast for pot roast.

    1. The two roasts you purchased I would not recommend for a crock pot application.....they are better suited for slow roasting for maximum tenderness, although many roast at higher temperatures. Slow roasted will break the meat down better IMHO.

      For Pot Roasts or Crock Pots, Chuck Primal cuts are better. My order of preference would be the following:

      Chuck Pot Roast
      7-Bone Chuck
      Shoulder Blade

      possibly....Bottom Round Rump or Round Tip

      1. Sorry, but neither roast is going to work for what you want. An eye of round usually doesn't have enough fat or connective tissue. The fast and connective tissue melt as you cook the roast and tenderize the final product. The eye of round is more suitable for roasting, but it will never be meltingly tender.
        I really like chuck roasts for pot roasts.

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          Thanks for the tips! I think I'll make a trip back up to the store. They had 6 different cuts that were BOGO.