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ISO Restaurant w/ meeting room on West Side

My professional group is looking for restaurants on the west side (Santa Monica, Westwood, Olympic/405 area) with a private room to hold monthly dinner meetings. Our group size varies from about 20 to about 35.

I searched and found a few threads on here, and already know about Kula (aka Aphrodesiac aka Lunaria) and Olympic Collection, but didn't see any other appropriate places in the area.

We're trying to stay on a budget ($35-40pp).

Anybody know of any other places with private rooms I should talk to?

I'd rather not go to Beverly Hills or the Valley or further south than say Pico due to traffic issues.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Try Il Moro [Purdue South of Olympic].

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      The Olympic Collection (corner of Barrington and Olympic) has private rooms and they do all kinds of catering.

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        I believe it's Sawtelle and Olympic.

    2. Napa Valley Grilled (Glendon, north of Wilshire) has 3 private dining rooms but not sure if any will be large enough to accommodate your size (maybe the can be combined).

      W Hotel also has a private dining room but not sure of size.

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          I've organized a dinner meeting with powerpoint for about 20-30 people at Napa Valley Grill before, so that would work. They also didn't charge extra for the room so it was really the easiest to stay within budget.

          We also did Tanino's (Westwood)- no private room but they can block off the side section of the restaurant. Or they also have the upstairs room.

          La Terza (Beverly Hills) also has an upstairs for private parties.


        2. I organize a holiday dinner every year for a slightly larger group (35-40), and have made the rounds. I think you're going to have difficulty at that price level. (I've had trouble finding a location that works well at $100-$120 pp.)

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            David Kahn: This is exactly what i am desperate to find: a beautiful place for 30 people around the $150. range - any suggestions? Thanks!


          2. I like Wilshire on Wilshire a couple blocks west of 26th St. It might be a little out of your price range. They have a beautiful room above the patio, but confirm how many people it holds. The food is wonderful.


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              Thanks for all the responses, I will give these places a call!

              1. Catch at Casa del Mar has nice private rooms

                Fritto Misto

                Il Moro

                i Cugini's patio


                Ivy at the Shore

                Il Fornaio on Ocean actually has a nice room with good service and affordable reliable dishes

                while nice, i fear Upstairs2 is too expensive unless you go easy on drinking and do in fact share

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                  We were treated to dinner at Catch last night! The food was very good, but the entrees alone were in the high twenties- thirties range. Why not see if teh hotel at the corner of Pico and Beverlwil has rooms and does catering. I don't know a thing about it, but it's worth a call.

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                    without alcohol Catch could work, but you might be able to work out a group rate with them, just maybe.

                    that used to be the loew's at pico/beverwil, great dog friendly place. now it's the Tower Beverly Hills. it has a rooftop space, but i don't know if you have to pay a lot to rent it out.

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                    in my experience both catch and ivy at the shore are WAAAAY more expensive than $40/pp.
                    il moro was about $40/pp for a private party 9 years ago, would expect them to be higher now.

                  3. Check out this Large Party & Banquet on OpenTable - http://www.opentable.com/info/banquet... you can sort by area. or this Great for Groups link -