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Jan 16, 2008 10:02 AM

airport strip

I'm in Toronto january 27-29, attending a trade show.
I usually stay downtown, try out everything from noodle shops to fine restaurants.
But this time, I'm stuck at the Holiday Inn, close to the Congress centre, in the area of the airport strip, and am at a loss for any kind of real food, free of pre-made starchy sauces and cooking without fresh ingredients or any inspiration. Every meal I've eaten out there has been less than spectacular, and the hotel is served by a perkins (!!!!!)

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  1. Assuming you mean you're loding near the Airport, and not the actual AIRPORT STRIP (Its a strip club), then definitely check out Zet's.. Great food & open all day. I absolutely LOVE their caesar salad, and they make a pretty damn good chicken souvlaki also

    It's 24/7 and is right across from the airport on Dixon


    There's also that DELI place if you want a deli sandwich, but I forget the address. I think its called Switzers

    1. You could go to Zorro it's a steak house or if you want high end chinese food there a place in the back of the doubletree hotel (a japanese restaurant too) that is pretty good. Otherwise there is your typical chain restaurants, milesstones is not bad and across from there is sunny dragon for japanese. Hope that helps

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        Not fine dining but pretty good food at a Pakistani place called The Kebob in a strip mall at Derry and Goreway -

        The Kebob
        3417 Derry Rd E, Mississauga, ON L4T1A8, CA

      2. I've had a nice dinner at Olio''s in a hotel across the street from the Holiday

        1. I second Olio and Sushi Dragon. You also have the Double Tree hotel across the street from the Toronto Congres Centre with Ginko Sushi (my favourite in the area) and a dim sum restaurant (I don't eat dim sum, but the CHs here recommended it). It looks like the have a cafe and an Italian restaurant, too.

          If you drive, you have more choices. There is another topic here: