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Jeans-Free Dining in L.A./O.C.

Weird - it looks like my original thread has disappeared.

Anyways, I was asking if anyone can recommend restaurants in L.A. or Orange County where a dress code is enforced and jeans are not permitted. Suggestions I've heard so far include the Ritz Restaurant in Newport Beach and Billy's in Beverly Hills (while I think is now closed). Thanks!

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  1. i havent been to a restaurant anywhere in LA any time in the last few years where they actually enforce a dress code

    1. The Queen Mary requires jackets and ties for men during dinner. Good luck trying to eat that heinous food.

      I haven't ever seen a dress code enforced in LA other than that one and, for a short period, L'Orangerie, which is now closed.

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        Another case of dress code + bad food... The Magic Castle. Good thing the close-up magic room more than makes for all the other annoyances.

      2. Folks, if you've got a restaurant recommendation where they have great food and the atmosphere socaldiner is looking for, please post them. Posts debating whether dress codes themselves are a good idea or not, are off topic and will be removed.

        1. The places I know of that have dress codes are all private clubs. The Jonathan Club and the California Club downtown, for instance, both have pretty good food and neither permits jeans. The Magic Castle also strictly enforces its dress code, but you probably wouldn't go there for the food. Otherwise, I'm afraid that even the most expensive, elegant restaurants in LA will pretty much seat anyone who shows up and can pay.

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            I forgot about the Jonathan Club, but that's private anyway.

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              I found the food at the Jonathan Club pretty much inedible....

            2. I know Crustacean used to have a dress code? Do they still?

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                They technically have a dress code but I've never seen it enforced.

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                  And they fail on the good food component too.

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                    Yah- I probably should have mentioned that since this is a "food" forum. I don't know why my out of town guests ALWAYS want to go there, ...

              2. No dress code at Craft, but damn that's a lot of Armani flying around.

                1. The restaurant at Hotel Bel-Air had (and I assume still has) a jacket and tie dress code last time I ate there, but that was more than six years ago.

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                    the hotel bel-air has relaxed their dress code...the only no-no's now are flip flops & t-shits.

                  2. It was Jimmy's not Billy's. A landmark; since changed to "Jimmy's Tavern" ? to keep up with the times (not sure why, but original post erased).

                    TRY SKY ROOM LONG BEACH.
                    40 S Locust Ave, Breakers Hotel, Long Beach, CA 90802
                    ยท 562-983-2703
                    dress code strictly enforced.

                    Also, The Sky Room at the Mondrian is nice
                    (Have seen many turned away for dress code).

                    MONDRIAN LOS ANGELES
                    8440 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, California 90069
                    Tel. 323 650 8999 Fax 323 650 5215

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                      Actually, at the Mondrian, isn't it called the Sky Bar? Also, the restaurant there is called Asia de Cuba and their dress code, if they have one, is not strictly enforced.

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                        The Sky Bar is adjacent to Asia de Cuba, both at the Mondrian.

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                          yes, but entrance into the sky bar is not included with dinner at ADC

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                            apologies, yes the sky "Bar". Couldn't give answer on ADC. Haven't been in there. Sky "bar" was very nice though.

                    2. Try the Turf Club at Santa Anita. I'm pretty sure they still have a dress code. Yeah, it's a "club" but you don't have to be a member as long as you pay. I haven't been there for quite a while, but they used to make a delicious (and fattening) chicken kiev.

                      1. No dress code, but you're unlikely to see jeans at the Water Grill. Mostly business suits and opera goers.

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                          I find Providence for weekend dinners seems to be similar (no opera crowd) People tend to dress well there.

                        2. Not a restaurant as such, but a teahouse. Lady Effie's enforces a strict no-denim policy for its tea service. I very much enjoyed the tea and food when I went a couple years back, but they did really look us over at the door to make sure we were appropriately dressed.


                          1. The outstanding Studio restaurant at the Montage resort in Laguna Beach does not allow denim pants. I wonder how they feel about denim skirts? But I digress; they do have basic slacks for those guests who forget this rule.

                            And apropos of nothing: the Edison club in downtown L.A. (nightlife, not dining) does not allow sneakers, no matter how trendy and expensive.