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Jan 16, 2008 09:04 AM

King Cheesecake

I went to college in Pennsylvania (Allentown) and all of the diners there had what they called "King Cheesecake".

It was a layer of cheesecake with a layer of chocolate cake on top. Not chocolate cheescake, but a layer of plain chocolate cake. It was usually frosted with whipped cream and a thin chocolate ganache.

Has anyone else ever heard of this? Have a recipe?? It combines two of my favorites, and I wanted to try to make it as a birthday cake!

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  1. Never tried it, but it sounds like my every craving come true.

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    1. re: dream_of_giusti

      aletnes, it sounds similar to Junior's Cheesecake, which combines cake and cheesecake:

      1. re: dolores

        Thanks for the link, but that is not it. Junior's Cheesecake is using a sponge cake as the crust.. this one they are layered after baking, with a thin smear of whipped cream between the two.

    2. I grew up in Central PA and never heard of such a thing. Maybe it's a NE PA thing? Do you remember the names of any diners that served it?

      I'm thinking you could make a standard cheesecake and a standard chocolate cake, put the two together with a layer of whipped cream and cover it all with ganache - unless I'm missing something specific about the flavors used in the original.

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        What you describe is very much like the amazing Classico Cake from the Classic Cake Company -- two layers of Devil's food cake with a cheesecake layer inbetween. I've seen it at DiBruno's. I love it although I usually don't go for chocolate!

        1. re: Seeker19104

          I'm really intrigued by this...was the cake served cold or at room temperature? I would think the cheesecake layer needs to be refrigerated, but that would make the chocolate cake layers a little tough. Unless it's a dense chocolate cake to begin with, then it might not suffer too much from refrigeration.

          I may have to take matters into my own hands and give it a twirl.

        2. re: punkin712

          City View Diner by the Lehigh Valley Mall was where I got it most frequently, but saw it other places.

          It was held in the cake display with all the other cakes, so I think it was cool but not refrigerated level of cold.

          Yes, I was thinking of just doing that, I am nervous about the chocolate cake falling apart though, it was always a stiffer than a traditional chocolate cake. If I don't hear anything else, I think I will just go ahead and start experimenting!

          1. re: aletnes

            If this is available in many of the local places, I wonder if it was just something put out by a local wholesale vendor.

            1. re: yayadave


              The Oakmont Bakery near Pittsburgh has their signature cake The Oakmonter that sounds like what you are describing.

        3. I'll bet you could recreate this pretty easily. Start w/ a lighter cheesecake like this one:

          Run knife around the edge, remove to make sure it comes off easily (after cheesecake has cooled) and put edge back on. Add a layer of chocolate ganache frosting and refrigerate. Bake a chocolate layer cake (both cake and frosting from this recipe):

          Cool cake, add one layer to the cheesecake. Freeze briefly (about half an hour, enough to chill but not enough to freeze). Remove outer ring of springform pan and
          frost w/ remaining chocolate ganache frosting. Refrigerate. Frost w/ whipped cream frosting.