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Jan 16, 2008 09:03 AM

Cold-weather Drinks from Around the World

When I'm out food hunting, often a hot drink is just what I need to refuel, but coffee can seem tired. Indonesian sarabba, Turkish sahlep, and Paraguayan cocido con leche are more my speed, and I've been able to track down all of them in New York.

I've got a lead on Turkish boza -- just the mix, not a ready-to-drink version -- but I don't have a clue about where I can find Egyptian sahlab, Indian badam (almond) milk, or Dutch anijsmelk (hot aniseed milk). I'd also welcome leads on better versions of the drinks I've found already:

Any ideas?

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  1. In response to the blog entry about sahlep, in addition to Güllüoglu that you mentioned, I had it at a hookah cafe in Astoria called Layali Beirut. That was the first time I had it, so I can't vouch for its authenticity (or how it compares to Güllüoglu), but I loved the stuff. I've been looking without success for a way to get the powdered root (not the mix, which I hear is awful) so I can try it at home.

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      And Güllüoglu was my first time. I've read that because of conservation concerns, Turkey has instituted controls on the orchid roots themselves. According to the cafe manager, they're able to import only orchid root powder -- and not pure powder, at that. Güllüoglu and Layali Beirut each probably use a mix, just a better one than you can buy off the shelf.