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Jan 16, 2008 08:47 AM

Beer in Mexico?

I'm heading to Cabo on Saturday for the week. What beer should I drink?

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  1. what kind of beer do you like to drink? dark? light? sol is a good cheap light beer and negro modelo is a great dark beer...

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      I switch between Summit Extra Pale Ale and Pilsner Urquell depending on my mood. I also drink Guinness when in a bar that has it on tap. I've never had Sol but have had plenty of Negro Modelo...

      Are there any beers unique to Mexico that I should consider?

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        Victoria hands down is the best brau in all of Mexico. Hopefully, it'll be avaiable there. They sneak it into the USA and sell it at a store I know in FLA, $8 for a Quart! They have a funny name for the baloon like bottle.
        It's light amber in color, not taste nor calories.

        The other Mexy beer I love is a blond called Bohemia. Negra Modelo is greeat too, as is Dos XX Amber...all three of which are readily available stateside. Victoria is your best bet by far. Cheers!

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          Honestly, of all the Mexican beers I've had, I think Negro Modelo is the best by a mile. Sol is awful, IMO....worse than Corona. In a pinch, Pacifico is a decent blonde-style, and Bohemia also isn't too bad. I also like Dos Equis amber, but chances are you've had that since I think Miller is distributing it in the States now.

          The times I've been to Mexico, I've had a few beers that I don't believe get distribution in the States (the names escape me) and they were all pretty bad (basically the Sol, Corona style). I don't believe I had Victoria.

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            Agree with all said so far. You can find Modelo and XX pretty much everywhere. Besides the Negro, Modelo makes a lighter beer as well -- Especial -- which is good. Dos Equis too makes a very drinkable lager.

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              Have you ever tried Casta? Is a premium mexican beer. By the way, there is a Brewing Company in Cabo that sells real Cabo Beer. Its in San Jose, they also serve oven cooked pizzas.

          2. Depends on whether you are a beer snob or you want to enjoy the total experience. In the Mexican heat... the lighter, but tasty lagers go well with the climate & the light, citrusy seafood. Trust me you wouldn't drink an Aged Lambic with an Abulone Tostada unless you had no taste buds. The best beer for Ceviches & so forth I think is the ultra light Tecate... besides its from Baja. I don't know too much about the Cabo bar seen but I have heard of places in Todos Santos that carry microbrews such as Cucapa & Casta. I've heard good things about the Cucapa Imperial Stout but haven't tried it... I personally have liked Casta's Scottish Style Ale, and the Czech Style Pilsner.

            This time of year, I am always a sucker for Noche Buena... its a dark seasonal beer only available around christmas... there might still be some around.

            The local drink in Cabo is a liquer called Damiana... its sweet & herbal... I like it cut with some Rum or Vodka, on the rocks.... otherwise blended with fresh canteloupe.

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            1. re: Eat_Nopal

              Maybe not an aged lambic, but a young gueuze would be an ideal match for Mexican seafood dishes. It's so lemony and effervescent.

              1. re: Josh

                Hopefully next team I am in S.D. you can educate me on gueuzes.

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                  But if you want to find some on your own, there's actually a good one made by Lindemans that's often available at Whole Foods - it's called Cuvee Rene. Other good ones are Girardin, Boon Marriage Parfait, and Hanssens Artisinaal.

            2. I thought Tecate was pretty much the official sponsor of Mexico - it's everywhere, and Tecate Light is equally as Bud Light.

              For some reason, Dos Equis tastes better in Mexico.

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                Outside of Baja & Sonora... I can't recall seeing much of a Tecate presence anywhere in Mexico. Perhaps the beer can be found... but I don't remember any Tecate dominated little beer shacks... murals, advertising etc., Every region has its dominant beer... once you get to Sinaloa its all Pacifico Clara... in the Yucatan its Montejo & Leon etc.,

              2. Tecate is pretty much the national beer of Baja. Pacifico is probably the best of the light lagers. Victoria may be the only true Vienna lager being brewed these days (Vienna included). Negro Modelo is tasty. Modelo Especial usually comes in a can, which is good for taking out on a panga where weight and breakability are issues. Corona will mark you instantly as a tourist. It and Sol--both sold in clear bottles--are usually skunked. A squeeze of lime will cover the skunky taste up, but given the choice between beer that's skunked and beer that isn't...

                If you're buying in a store, be aware that many bottles will be subject to a hefty deposit that you can only recover by returning the bottle to THAT store. If you're going that route, consider the ballenos ("whales"), big bottles that contain multiple servings. Also be aware that some bars will advertise a price without disclosing that it's for "quarto" (~6oz) instead of the more common "medio" (~12oz) bottles.

                Have fun, and hoist one for the board!

                1. For drinking with fish and lighter fare, I like Pacifico best. Modelo Especial is also nice. for more robust, I prefer Modelo Negro to Dos Equis, but I haven't tried Victoria