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Jan 16, 2008 08:36 AM

Saving herbs

I have an abundance of thyme and rosemary that I can't use soon. Is there a better way of drying and saving other than letting them "air out" on a cooling rack? Thanks

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  1. I have ziplock bags of both in my freezer now. Just as I have every winter. They freeze very, very well.
    I have both in the garden and they winter over in the Mid-Atlantic but the flavor of the outside herbs is pallid in winter because of the lack of strong sun and heat. The ones in the freezer seem to retain the summer strength so I only use the outside herbs for garnishes when I want the fresh look. I use the frozen stuff for cooking because it has the better flavor.
    Cut them to usable lengths and put them into bags as-is. When you need them, the little leaves or needles will pop right off of the stems, much more easily than off the fresh stems. They are very easy to chop when still frozen.

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