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Jan 16, 2008 08:21 AM

thai spoon in RR

I live in RR and we have a GREAT thai resturaunt thast serves great thai food and i wanted to mention it.I went with my wife for lunch and had a excellent green curry and they will make it anyway you taste buds can take it and will substitute items.the place also is pretty dish for $6.95 came with 6 big shrimps in a coconut curry sauce with fresh veggies and sticky rice.all the food is fresh and the desserts are made in house,try the mango ice cream and the sticky rice dessert.its a great find here.

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  1. where in RR is located? Can you give some landmarks nearby?

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      it is located in the heb shopping plaza at red bud and gattis school rd.the web site is

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        Thanks! I'll have to check it out!

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          they open for lunch mon- sat 11-2 dinner 5-9 and starting feb 08 the will open sunday nights.

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            And if you're looking for the website, it's actually not, but:

            FWIW, it looks like a fairly straight-forward menu. Not to say it can't be good, but just sayin.

            Thai Spoon Restaurant
            3720 Gattis School Rd, Round Rock, TX 78664

      2. Can't wait to try it on my next trip. Just finishing a killer larb in my hotel room from Thai Tara carryout......

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          yes its worth the trip up to round rock and the make other items not on the menu too if you ask

        2. the desserts are killer too such as the amazing sticky rice with the most yummy homemade iceceam,try the coconut or mango with a pot of hot tea.owners are great and will cook it to your prference and moit things if you dont want them in the dish you order,open sundays now for dinner and lunch 6 days a a weekly guest as im hooked.

          1. Just discovered that they carry whole fried snapper on weekends. I have tried the fish with chili sauce and curry sauce and loved both--liked the curry sauce better. This dish alone is going to keep me coming back regularly.

            1. I've been here a couple times when my girlfriend still worked up in RR. Good food, nice atmosphere. It's been a while, but I remember getting some really good barbecued duck and their thai tea-flavored ice cream was awesome. Recommended, definitely.