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Jan 16, 2008 07:23 AM

BEST L.B.I resto in the winter

My friend wants to go to LBI over the weekend. (Why...I have no don't ask..:)

I always go to Planatation, but I was wondering if there are any other places we could try??? Any cuisine is fine, as long as it is good!! Thanks so much!!!

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  1. I couldn't stand the din at Plantation in September. Is it any quieter in the dead of winter?

    1. Best food on the island at any time of year is La Spiaggia.

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        1. re: diablo

          I will third that but La Spiaggia closes Jan, Feb & March.

          1. re: Bossa_Nova

            Ouch! Well, some friends of mine think pretty highly of the chef at the Engleside in Beach Haven, so you might try that.

      1. Lets get real, Plaintation?????
        La Spiagia is a definite, but lets get ready for Pinziminio Trottoria. It's back.

        1. Tuckers on the Bay is pretty good and they are open all year.

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          1. re: sunsetterdottie

            I have eaten at the Engleside and the food is so good. Everything from the drinks to the bread, to the appts and \to the mains were great. Certainly worth going to

            1. re: sunsetterdottie

              Tuckers is not bad and the staff is super nice. Good service in the winter. Can't say the same for the summer, though. Buckalews on the blvd. in the same area has improved as of late and I believe they are open all year.

              1. re: diablo

                I was trying to think of Buckalews........thanks for bringing that up. I think better service in the off season is true of any shore establishment. If you don't get good service and decent food when they have the time to take care of you.........forget about the rush. My favorite place down there, although I think they close in the winter, is Terrace Tavern.

                1. re: sunsetterdottie

                  Yes, TT is closed for the winter. I haven't been there in a long time...