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Jan 16, 2008 07:12 AM

Best Mott Street Chinese?

Over the years I've had people recommend places on Mott for great (various region) Chinese and I always forget to follow up. I also forget to write their recommendations down and the places I've heard about have all been known only by their addresses. (I'm a man of words, not numbers.) Who has a favorite that's name is a number?

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  1. Don't have the number, but I was up in NYC for training last week and I went to the Peking Duck House one night for dinner on Mott. It was very good. Chef wheeled out the duck from the kitchen and sliced it tableside. It was $40 for the duck.

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    1. re: sbouldin

      I agree on Peking Duck House being the best on Mott, but it is also a different price range from something like Wo Hop. I think the places known by mostly number are usually those on the west side of Mott between Mosco and Bowery, like Wo Hop and Hop Kee. Generally, people seem to prefer eating in the basements. A good friend who no longer work in the city gets jealous everytime I tell him I am eating at Wo Hop. I think it has good food for a reasonable price, but it is nothing that I would cross town to eat.

      1. re: Captain

        Wo Hop is nothing special. In fact, it is less than nothing special. Dressed up take out in a sea of amazing food.

      2. re: sbouldin

        THE PEKING DUCK HOUSE IS TERRIBLE the peking duck house is for out of towners and upper east side people who tell their friends they are going to chinatown the duck there is ok with the chefs leaving way to much fat on what is supposed to be crispy skin there is nothing else on the menu that is anything but mediocre most of it is terrible if you want to know where to go in chinatown here is the list of people in the know ive been living there for 20 years congee 98 bowery congee village allen and delancy kam chueh on bowery
        pings on mott oriental garden seafood wo hop and hp kee are for suburban houswives and their husbands also wonton garden for great noodles

      3. Amazing 66, 66 Mott St. Something for everyone--numbers and words!

        1. Big fan of Big Wong!

          The BEST (I mean it) congee anywhere and the soup noodle dishes are near perfect.
          Cheap, cheap, cheap to boot.

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          1. re: GoddessofFood

            Big Wong has good congee? I love congee! Is it better than the congee at NY Noodletown?

            1. re: HankyT

              IMO yes. I found the congee at NY Noodletown too watery and less "rice" flavor. Big Wong has the kind of traditional congee that they serve in Hong Kong.

              A side note though, I know there are people who like the more "contemporary" version of congee which tends to be more watery and with more ingredients (think Congee Village). It is really a personal preference, and as far as congee goes, I prefer Big Wong

              1. re: HankyT

                Nooooo! Unless you love tons of MSG in your congee!

                1. re: pinkylechat

                  I haven't found any congee place (or any Chinese restaurants for that matter) that do not use MSG. In fact I found Big Wong to be lighter on MSG compared to other places like Congee Village. It will be great if you can kindly suggest a place that does not use MSG (or on the light side)

                  1. re: kobetobiko

                    I know big wong has it, but at your fav place if you want congee w/o msg ask for that congee topping w/ plain congee. "bak jook dai" but forewarned it has almost no taste just rice n water.

                    1. re: pinkylechat

                      If you can eat chips, you can have msg.

                    2. re: HankyT

                      Bar none. Absolutely mind-blowing, smack yourself good.

                    3. re: GoddessofFood

                      I'm a Big Wong stalwart too. Best BBQ roast pork in the city.

                      1. re: theannerska

                        Their congee with thousand year old eggs and shredded beef is the meal I'd have before my execution.

                        1. re: theannerska

                          yeah i agree with that. i think everything i've had there i like better than NY noodletown.

                          1. re: Renguin

                            Big Wong has a roast pork omelet served over rice that is wonderful. Wish it was open later than it is!

                            1. re: iluvcookies

                              I LOVE that omelet! also, up the block, theres a place that makes the best scallion pancake, not sure what the name of that restaurant is

                      2. Best Cantonese (regular dining) - Amazing 66
                        Best Cantonese (Congee and BBQ) - Big Wang
                        Best Shanghaiese - Shanghai Cafe

                        1. New Wonton Garden. Love the beef brisket soup with wonton and rice noodles!


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                            I concur! I have been going to Wonton Garden for years and I love the sweet and sour pork. It is totally different than the deep fried bread clusters in sticky jello sauce you get at take out places. This is shreds of pork in a somewhat spicy sauce served over noodles or in a soup... one must try it to understand the flavor.