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Jan 16, 2008 07:06 AM


I am searching for a restaurant/bar that i went to about 10 years ago in the outskirts of chicago -possibly near the airport - called the Rose Bowl (or something like that)
It was a very traditional, well-known place....can anyone help?

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    1. There's a restaurant in Rosemont (very close to the airport) by the name of Rosewood. http://www.rosewoodrestaurant.com/ Could this be the one you're thinking of?

      1. The Rosewood is very expensive, mediocre at best, and overrated. You will be much happier at the Rosebud Restaurant.

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          Agreed that it's expensive and mediocre. I can't say that it's "overrated" because I don't know anyone that really speaks highly of it. I merely mentioned it because it sounded like it might be the name of the restaurant the OP was thinking of.

        2. Rosewood is a single-location steakhouse restaurant. It's near our bigger airport, which is not really the outskirts of Chicago (and wasn't even ten years ago).

          Rosebud is a local chain of restaurants whose cuisine combines Italian and steaks. They don't have a location near either airport, although their Rosewood Old World Italian of Schaumburg location isn't that far away. Rosewood of Naperville is a location that would have qualified as Chicago's outskirts ten years ago.

          Rose Garden Cafe in Elk Grove Village is yet another restaurant near the bigger airport.

          If you are seeking a recommendation for a place, please let us know how we can help.