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Jan 16, 2008 07:06 AM


I am searching for a restaurant/bar that i went to about 10 years ago in the outskirts of chicago -possibly near the airport - called the Rose Bowl (or something like that)
It was a very traditional, well-known place....can anyone help?

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    1. There's a restaurant in Rosemont (very close to the airport) by the name of Rosewood. Could this be the one you're thinking of?

      1. The Rosewood is very expensive, mediocre at best, and overrated. You will be much happier at the Rosebud Restaurant.

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          Agreed that it's expensive and mediocre. I can't say that it's "overrated" because I don't know anyone that really speaks highly of it. I merely mentioned it because it sounded like it might be the name of the restaurant the OP was thinking of.

        2. Rosewood is a single-location steakhouse restaurant. It's near our bigger airport, which is not really the outskirts of Chicago (and wasn't even ten years ago).

          Rosebud is a local chain of restaurants whose cuisine combines Italian and steaks. They don't have a location near either airport, although their Rosewood Old World Italian of Schaumburg location isn't that far away. Rosewood of Naperville is a location that would have qualified as Chicago's outskirts ten years ago.

          Rose Garden Cafe in Elk Grove Village is yet another restaurant near the bigger airport.

          If you are seeking a recommendation for a place, please let us know how we can help.