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Jan 16, 2008 07:00 AM

Eats in Orlando for March weekend

Hi all-
I am in Orlando first weekend in march for a wedding. I am meeting an old friend and we both love to eat and drink. We are looking for a good place for one or two lunches and one dinner. I like seafood, south/central american, mexican, etc. Not fancy just fun. It is a weekend away from my kids so I am ready for a fun night out.

Haven't been to Orlando since I was a kid so I don't know area at all. We are staying at Rosen Centre Hotel and aren't certain we are renting a car, so has to be within a taxi ride. However we may change our mind.

Any ideas would be appreciated!! Thanks.

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  1. Across the street from the Rosen Centre is Pointe Orlando. which offers plenty of dining options and is definitely the most convenient option. I'd highly recommend both Redrock Canyon Grill and Taverna Opa. The latter could definitely fit the fun requirement, depending on if you find table dancing, shouting, and paper napkin tossing enjoyable.

    I'll let others guide you towards more of the hidden gems as my experiences here have been limited by funds and having little desire to dine solo.

    1. We think Cafe Tu Tu Tango is fun and the food is good.

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        That would be a good choice as well. There is usually some entertainment in addition to artists and it gets pretty busy at dinner. Might be too far to walk, especially after a pitcher or two of sangria, but would be a very quick/cheap cab ride.

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          We had a couple pitchers of sangria there, too. Yum!

      2. If you aren't renting a car, Pointe ORlando is the place to go. Lots of great new restaurants as they've recently revamped that area. If you are, go either to the other side of I-4, for lunch Press 101 is always good, or some other restaurants that aren't bad, but a few are chains. Cedars for great Lebonese, Seasons 52 is very good IMO. Or, go to WInter Park. Great eats over there. Park ave is a great place to walk around if the weather is nice.

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          Second vote after mmuch...Seasons 52 and Cedars!